12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Final Part)

At long last we are here, the final part in my little series of christmas silliness. I’ve had fun sharing some christmas songs with you guys. Not sure if you’ve had as much fun, but hey, if you hated this series then you can be happy that this is the final part… at least for this year. So withour further ado, let’s get into it.

So I was originally gonna use “From Us To You” by Jeff Dunham, but I couldn’t really find it on youtube, so I had to scrap that idea. So instead we are going with another classic that most people love unless they feel like it’s been played too much and they’ve then grown to abhor it. Anyway, the last song for this little series of posts will be José Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad”, which of course is Spanish for Merry Christmas. Even though I’ve probably heard this song over a hundred times, I still really like it. It’s happy, energetic, and timeless. It is a fantastic song for the holidays, and a fantastic song to wrap this series up with.
Merry fucking christmas, and enjoy!

12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 11)

Holy shit, you guys. We are already at the penultimate part in my little christmas series thingy. Wow, time’s sure gone fast. Well, better not dweel on introductory bullshit… let’s do this!

So the song I chose for today kind of works as a lead-up to christmas. It is “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” as performed by Michael Bolton. And I mean, what better song to put on the penultimate entry for this since it says “Santa Claus Is COMING to Town”. It tells that he will be here soon. And yeah, there’s no need to elaborate on that. I just wanna say that this is a really great version of this song and… no that’s it.

12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 10)

It’s so fucking close to christmas now, it’s crazy. With that said, let’s talk about yet another christmas song.

So the song that I have picked for today can be considered a classic. The song in question is Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas”. The song is basically about Elvis feeling sad if he can’t celebrate christmas with someone he loves/cares about/has a crush on. It’s right in the opening lyrics “Blue christmas, without you”. And yeah, this is a really good song. I’ve always been a fan of Elvis, so I never really had any doubts about putting his music in a post of mine. And it’s perfect then that he recorded a christmas song that I could put in this silly little series of mine.

12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 9)

Hello there, ladies and gents. It’s very close to christmas now. But before that, let’s talk about some music!

So the song I have picked out today it “Buon Natale” by Italian comedian/actor/singer Enzo Iachetti. Backstory, I first heard this song during class once. Why did I hear this song then? I was studying Italian with a teacher who originated from Italy… duh. There backstory done! Now, the reason I picked this song was because 1. Backstory. 2. I think it’s a pretty damn good song that I wanted to share with you guys during this stupid thing of mine. Basically the song is about how someone wishes all the people of the world a merry christmas. I mean, the title itself, “Buon Natale” is Italian for merry christmas. Yeah.

12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 8)

Hello there, ladies and gents! I hope you’re all doing well. It’s now time for part 8 in this little christmas thingamajig.

So this time we go with something a bit different. To be more specific, it is a rap song. And with that said, you probably already figured out that the song of for today is “Christmas In Hollis” by Run-DMC, which of course can be heard in the christmas classic “Die Hard”. I am not the biggest fan of rap, as you might’ve guessed with all the rock music shared on this blog time and time again.  But I also don’t dislike rap, there are some artists/groups that I do like, and of course individual tracks by various artists. Run-DMC is one of the groups that I genuinely like… mainly thanks to their collaboration with Aerosmith, but whatever. But yeah, they made a christmas song and it turned out to be really good. Not much else to say there, unless you guys feel like adding stuff in the comments.

12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 7)

Hey guys, day seven of this silly thing, let’s do it!

So I forgot to do this one really in time, so since I just remembered to do it just now, about 20 minutes after midnight (where I live), I chose a kind of self-explanatory song that everybody knows. It’s “Last Christmas” by Wham! A classic song about a failed relationship that apparently failed around christmas time. Yeah, that’s it. You all know this song, I don’t need to really explain this.

12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 6)

Sixth part in my little “12 Songs of Christmas” series! Were halfway there now! So let’s get into it!

So this time we are going with a classic, but not sung by the original artist. The song we are talking about today is “Frosty the Snowman” as performed by Willie Nelson. For those that have lived udner a rock the past 150 years, “Frosty the Snowman” is a nice little tune about a magical snowman. That’s it. A magical fucking snowman dancing and playing and stuff. And it’s in this version performed by country musician Willie Nelson, a man who’s got songs I love and songs I don’t really care about. And as expected, he did a really good job performing this song. It’s no mindblowing version, but it’s fun and charming and very easy on the ears. It’s a good song.

12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 5)

Time for the fifth part in my “12 Songs of Christmas”. I’ve had fun sharing some good christmas songs with you guys, and I’m looking forward to continuing it until christmas arrives. So let’s jump into this one!

So this song is a bit different from the ones I’ve previously shared because it is pretty much brand new. The song in question is “Bring Back My Cadillac” by Joe Bonamassa. For those that don’t know, Joe Bonamassa is an American blues musician who also happens to be one of my favorite artists. His guitar playing is superb and his songs overall tend to be pretty great. So when he released a christmas song (several actually, but whatever) I of course got pretty excited. And now I’m sharing it with you. And I can’t stress how great of a musician he is, go check all of his stuff out!

12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 4)

Day number four in my “12 Songs of Christmas”. We’re already one third through this silly thing. So let’s just get into it and talk about some music!

So today I chose a song by one of my favorite bands. The song in question is “Thank God It’s Christmas” by Queen. You know Queen, that incredible band led by Freddie Mercury (may he rest in peace). Yeah, they recorded a christmas song and as expected, it sounds fucking amazing. Freddie’s vocals are as terrific as ever and the instrumentals in the song, while not showing off too much, sound really good as well. It’s just a really good christmas song by one of the greatest bands ever.

12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 3)

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. And welcome to the third part in my December 2016 christmas countdown thing. With that said, let’s listen to some music!

So I thought we’d tone it down a little bit this time. The previous two times we were listening to some rock music, so let’s get a little more chill this time. Today we have Swedish christmas song “Tänd ett ljus” by Triad. The title basically translates to “Light a Candle” and is about how we should be good and light a candle for everything we believe in, for everything that’s good in our world. I am more often than not on the fence about acapella, but this is a time where I think it really works. You have the singers doing the acapella while also snapping their fingers and it sounds great. There’s not a lot of christmas stuff in this song, there’s really just a tiny bit towards the end, but it has become kind of a christmas tradition here in Sweden, playing on the radio a bunch of times a day around christmas time. So now you know a little bit more about Swedish christmas… yeah.