12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 2)

Hello there, my friends! It’s the second day in my “12 Songs of Christmas” thing. So let’s just get into it and talk about music!

So today’s song is “Christmas is Here” by Buckcherry. A little backstory, I was introduced to this band a year or so ago when I watched the TV show “Reaper” and one of their songs was used in an episode. I thought “Hmm, that’s a pretty cool song, bettter look it up”. So I looked up the episode, the soundtrack for said episode, found the song (“Broken Glass”), listened to it, then listened to more songs by the band. Then a while later when I was looking for “different” christmas songs (not your mainstream/typical stuff), I found “Christmas is Here” and added it to my “Christmas list of Doom”. And it’s a pretty simple and delightful little christmas rock song. So yeah, I really like it.

12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 1)

Hello there ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the 2016 edition of “12 Songs of Christmas”. For those who weren’t here last December, I did a little thing called “12 Songs of Christmas” where I shared 12 christmas songs up until christmas. As in Swedish christmas, AKA the 24th, instead of the 25th like ‘murica and some other places. I had fun doing that last year and thought that I would do it again this year. although it took me a while to figure this out since I also optioned some other things for the 12 days. Maybe next year I’ll do something different, who knows? But now I guess it’s time to share a song. And I’ve made sure that I’m not sharing something I did last year. Wanna know what I did last year? Search around on my blog and you’ll find those old posts. Now, enough bullshit… MUSIC!

So I thought we’d start out easy, with a classic… in the style of an awesome rock song! That’s right, it’s “Deck the Halls” as covered by Twisted Sister, the band behind classics like “I Wanna Rock” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It”.  They covered this holiday classic, with falalas and everything. Combine that with some cool rock n roll stuff and you get a damn good cover of a classic. I don’t really have anything clever to say about that, I just wanted to start with this one.

12 Songs of Christmas (Final Part)

Ladies, gentlemen and others… we are finally here. The final part (at least for this year) of my little series “12 Songs of Christmas”. I think we all have kind of enjoyed it to some extent, haven’t we? I believe each and everyone of us could find a song we liked among the ones I have shared over the past 12 days. And now it is time for one final christmas song for us all to enjoy together.

So for the last song I chose “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” because of reasons I will explain. First off, you can never get enough of the magic of Sinatra. Secondly, it is a beautiful little christmas ballad with very nice lyrics that at least makes me feel good inside. And third… It’s Frank Sinatra… his voice is one of the best voices ever. These are the main factors really, it’s quite simple to explain why I chose this song as the finale for our little christmas journey this year.

12 Songs of Christmas (Part 11)

We’re almost at the end, my friends. Only one more of these dumb things after today. So I guess we should take our time with this one since it’s the second to last christmas song shared (for this year). Or we just do this and see how long it’ll become. Fuck it, let’s do this.

The song I chose for this day is one I have wanted to use for quite some time but knew would fit better near the end of it all. It is “The Season’s Upon Us” by Dropkick Murphys. As the song starts it sounds a lot like your typical happy christmas song, but as it goes on it gets meaner and meaner while also giving us a bit of insight into the most dysfunctional family of all time. In the song we hear about how the narrator (as I call him) hates his family and don’t want to celebrate the holiday with them. He hates his sisters, he thinks their husbands are losers (and so are their sons) and there is even a bit of child abuse in there as well. And all of it, combined with the video makes for one of the most hilarious christmas things ever. The video is funny, the lyrics are funny and honestly, the overall composition of the music is superb. This is a really great christmas song that I love to listen to and that is why I shared it.

12 Songs of Christmas (Part 10)

Good evening and welcome to you, reader of blog posts. It is once again time for me to share a christmas song with y’all. And what a wonderful time it is (Teehee).

So for this one I decided it was nothing short of appropriate to share a christmas song that feels more like christmas build-up than straight up “it’s christmas”, you know, now that it is only about two days left until the big day itself. The song I will be sharing tonight is the classic song “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” (what a mouthful) by Andy Williams. Every time I hear this song it makes me happy. It’s just one of those songs filled with so much energy and joy that it kind of rubs off on you. What I gathered from it is that it’s just a simple yet joyful tribute to the aptly titled most wonderful time of the year. I absolutely love this song and how it fits Williams’ voice so damn well.

12 Songs of Christmas (Part 9)

Part 9… we’re very soon done with this stupid little series we got going on here. No more sentimental shit here and now, let’s move on to the music.

For this one I decided to go with somethign that might be traditional in some parts of the world. It is a song that has two different titles. Eitehr “El burrito de Belén” or “Mi burrito Sabanero”. Whichever one it is, both both have the same basic plot of a brave little donkey making it’s way to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus. And that’s about it for story. I may have studied Spanish once upon a time, but I can’t translate songs on the top of my head like that. To hell with it, let’s just get into the song which in this case is covered by South American musician Juanes who I am a big fan.

12 Songs of Christmas (Part 8)

Jesus fucking Christ, we are already at part 8 of this little thing here. Time sure goes goes fast. So I guess it’s time to just get into it.

For this part of “12 Songs of Christmas” I decided to go with something that worldwide isn’t something you would call “mainstream”, but here in Sweden it is very common and popular. It is “Vår julskinka har rymt” by comedy duo Werner & Werner. The title of the song roughly translates to “Our christmas ham have escaped”. As you can gather from the title, it’s about a pig/ham that escaped our “heroes”. And as long as you understand Swedish, the song is pretty hilarious. For you other people in the world… maybe you can at least appreciate the overall well done music.

12 Songs of Christmas (Part 7)

Let’s just get into it.

So for this one we are going with a more standard christmas song. It is a song that we’ve all heard a million god damn times. And while it has slightly worn off, it’s still just fun and energetic. It is Mariah Carey’s “All I want For Christmas is You”. Like I said, it’s fun, it’s energetic and Mariah’s voice is just great. So there, quick explanation for a song we all know and most likely love.

12 Songs of Christmas (Part 6)

Hi there, let’s get on with this shit that you should know by now!

So for this one I was in a really good mood. Almost in a party mood. So going from that I decided to choose the song “Must Be Santa” with legendary singer/songwriter Bob Dylan. The song is just a straight-up party tune cthat is christmas themed. What’s the story in it? It’s basically Bob Dylan asking a bunch of people who got a certain something and the answer everytime is Santa Claus. Example: “Who’s got a beard that’s long and white?” “Santa got a beard that’s long and white!”. And it goes on in the same style but with different statements every time. And for every two statements, they will recall every item on the list and this song is jsut a blast to put on when you want some christmas-y fun.


12 Songs of Christmas (Part 5)

Hi there guys and welcome to the 5th part of “12 Songs of Christmas”. So let us quit it with the introductions and move on to the music.

Since christmas is a time of year that is most often associated with snow, I deemed it only appropriate to choose the Frank Sinatra classic “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”. It is a song that really wants to say that snow can be a nice thing. Sure, the lyrics basically tells us that Frank and his loved one are kind of snowed in. But they make the best of the situation to spend some time together with a nice fire, some popcorn and other things. So therefore, I think this is a song that sends a decent message out to the people. So that’s a good reason to like this song. The biggest reason however is Sinatra’s voice which as always is absolutely magical.