My Favorite Scenes: Dirty Harry – Do you feel lucky punk?

How are you guys doing? Today we will be taking a look at another one of my favorite scenes. And this time it is the incredibly well known (but often quoted in the wrong way) scene early in the 1971 action movie “Dirty Hary” starring Clint Eastwood. Not only is it a suspenseful scene with some good action (for the time), but it is also really entertaining. It is also from one of my favorite movies.

Dirty Harry – Do you feel lucky punk?

Movie Review: Dirty Harry (1971)


Clint Eastwood is one of those actors that have gone on for many, many years but is still going on at a turtle version of their full speed. Another great example is Christopher Lee, who is in his 90’s, still making movies…and made a heavy metal album a while back…hmm. Anyway, Clint has made some of my favorite movies, such as “Unforgiven” and the fantastic “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”. His most recent really good acting part was in 2008’s “Gran Torino”.  But today we are taking a look at one of his older and most popular works.

Harrys and Harrietts…”Dirty Harry”.

San Francisco…a nice, calm city with no crime at all…PFFFFT…HAHAHA! I’m sorry, I can’t keep a straight face. What I mean is that there is crime everywhere…ish. But this movie focuses on one specific crime. Or more like criminal. The one who calls himself…THE SCORPIO KILLER (Andrew Robinson). His first victim is a woman swimming around in her pool, killing her with a sniper rifle. This of course interests the police. And who is the head of this investigation, you ask? Well it is “Dirty” Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood). A cop who takes no shit from no one. Of course it is not always easy working with Harry considering he 1. Does not like other people and 2. Has a “Special” way of taking care of things…by shooting at them with a .44 magnum, the (at the time) most powerful handgun in the world. So of course throughout the movie (several times) it is a bit of a cat and mouse game between Harry and The Killer. More I am not going to give you…why? Because good and intense story is good and intense. I am not kidding, I like this story.

Now to the characters…the characters here are all assholes in one way or another. Harry is trigger happy and kind of impulsive. The killer is a killer who enjoys killing. And then there are everyone who are assholes because they are on high alert because of the killer. That is all I can say. Of course…Harry is essentially Clint Eastwood in most movies he has ever made where he has to carry a gun. So yeah…I can say they all are interesting. Especially the killer who is a total nutjob, which makes him even more unpredictable.

The music is really good. It is a mix of chilling thriller music and a few groovy things that I could easily follow because of the smooth rhythm. In general, it is a soundtrack I could easily sit and listen to any day whenever I would like something good to listen to. That’s it.

This movie is filmed in a pretty good way. Not in a special way that makes it stand out, just in a way that makes it look really good and fun to watch. And the action is not half-bad either. They are not really as good in as maybe “The Raid”, but they are pretty cool. Especially any scene where Clint Eastwood uses his Magnum revolver becuase Magnum revolvers are cool. Also, shootouts between characters are really well made and fun to watch.

Reception for “Dirty Harry” was good…but still had a few sharp edges to it. The movie sparked some controversy considering Harry’s…ahem…unique methods. But enough of that. In general it looks good on those reception based fronts. Rotten Tomatoes ahs a 95% positive rating and a “Fresh” certification. Metacritic doesn’t have a score for this because they don’t seem to like the old classics. Roger Ebert gave it 3/4 stars. And has a 7,8/10 rating for it.

I think you already know what I am gonna say (kind of) about “Dirty Harry”. Yes…I did really like this movie and I am willing to give it a score. My final score for “Dirty Harry” is a 9,69/10 as in think you should buy it and while you’re at it, get the entire box-set with all the movies just in case. I also give this movie the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”. 49920178

My review of “Dirty Harry” is completed.

“You gotta ask yourself, do I feel lucky? Well do ya, PUNK!?”