Great Music #23

Hey guys. It’s that time again where I share a song that I like. Sounds good? Alright, on with the show.

So what song are we taking a look at today? A badass metal track? A moody blues tune? A cool rock song? Well, no. Not really. The song we’re talking about today is “Raise Your Glass” by Pink. Yeah, we’re talking about a pop song that was a pretty big radio hit. Kind of a departure from the music I usually talk about here, isn’t it? But to be honest, I love Pink… she’s ¬†one of my favorite artists. She’s never been one of the typical pop princess artists. She’s always kind of done her own thing, which makes for some fucking awesome songs. Her combination of pop, rock, and a devil may care attitude makes me appreciate her as an artist so much. And this song is jsut something that makes me respect her a bit more. This song is really an ode to the less popular people in the world, the “weirdos” as you could call them. Like the lyrics say “Raise Your Glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways”. Really, it’s a tribute to people who are who they are. And that is something I appreciate. Really, if you wanna be weird, be weird. As long as you’re happy with yourself. I raise my glass to all you awesome motherfuckers out there!
Have a good one and enjoy!