17…is a number

So I am back for some bloggy stuffs. Yes, the grammar and stuff was incorrect, but I don’t care. So let’s cover the topics.

My dad turned 53 this tuesday (1st of april 2014). He is one hell of a person. Most people who know him think he’s a great person, and I agree. We (me and mom) gave him some cake and some roses. He really liked that.

I recently rewatched “Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa” and realized that it wasn’t as good as I originally thought. It’s still a good movie, but not THAT GOOD.

I got a mysterious scar on my middle finger. I have no fucking clue where it comes from. Maybe it was the silence (start Doctor Who music).

This saturday (5th of april 2014) I am turning 17 (Holy shit). I haven’t wished for anything special/certain. I have just asked my parents to take me into town so I can pick out a few things that I might want (mostly games). So, yeah. It’s kind of okay wit ha weekend for once.

Random Facts:

The place where I live contain less than 1000 inhabitants.

I have known  my best friend since I was 7 (He is a year younger than me, so that would make him 6 at the time).

I think the Call of Duty games are…okay, not bad just…okay.

I love the anime series “Monster (2004)”.


I’ll see ya!