Movie Review: The Lost Boys (1987)

So far for the Month of Spooks we’ve covered a couple kinds of horror. Namely hauntings and psychopaths. So let’s move on to a different kind of horror. And what better to move on to than one of the most reliable kinds of horror, vampires! So let’s fuckin’ do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, they are… “The Lost Boys”.

During a summer, brothers Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (Corey Haim, R.I.P) move with their mom (Dianne West) to the town of Santa Carla. However their lives soon take a turn for the worse when they discover that this town is a haven for a group of vampires. So now we have our vampire plot. And I’d say that it is pretty good. It doesn’t take itself too seriously which I think makes it really enjoyable and easy to get through. But while it is a pro for the movie, it is also a bit of a con. Sure, this somewhat lighter tone makes it a fun and enjoyable ride, but it also makes things feel a bit inconsequential, taking away some tension from it all. It doesn’t bring it down too much for me, but I still feel like I should mention that the plot here didn’t engage me as much as it could have. So overall it is good. Not great, but good.

The characters here are all fun and decently interesting. Jason Patric plays Michael, the older of the two brothers who move to vampire-town. He is the one who gets the biggest arc here. Sure, it’s not the deepest character arc in cinema, but it’s definitely the best arc in the movie. And Patric is really good in the movie. Corey Haim (may he rest in peace) plays Michael’s brother, Sam. He’s a young, somewhat impulsive, but still well meaning lad. And Haim is really good in the role. Dianne West plays their (for the most part) really chill mom. And she’s good in the role. Kiefer Sutherland plays David, the head of the group of vampires. A thrill-seeking, corny, badass vampire who’s quite a bit of fun. And Sutherland is really good in the role. Then we have Corey Feldman (because of course he’s in the 80s movie) and Jamison Newlander, the Frog brothers, a pair of vampire hunting youngsters that Sam befriends. They’re pretty fun, and both Feldman and Newlander give good performances. Really, this is an overall well acted movie filled with recognizable faces.

The score for the movie was composed by Thomas Newman and it was pretty good. It was fun and horror-ish, adding some mild tension to certain scenes. There’s not a lot I can say about the main score here… it’s good. But what I can say more about is the soundtrack… holy shit, it is great! It’s filled with awesome rock and pop music from bands/artists like INXS, Lou Gramm, Gerard McCann, Echo & The Bunnymen, Tim Cappello, and even Aerosmith/Run DMC. It’s a very 80s soundtrack, but I love it and it works very well within the movie.

This movie was directed by Joel Schumacher (second Schumacher movie in less than a month, I swear this is a coincidence). And I think he did a really good job here. His shots look good and everything flows pretty nicely throughout. There are also some pretty neat directing tricks in here that he had to use due to the apparently low-ish budget. And the vampire makeup stuff looks fine. In terms of scares… I wasn’t scared. It is tense in parts, but it never made me feel scared or creeped out. But I get the feeling that it didn’t try to strictly try to spook us, but rather just be a somewhat chilly horror-comedy that you can watch and just have with. As for the jokes… yeah, I laughed. Never a gut-busting laughter, but it did manage to get past chuckle at a couple points.

This movie has been pretty well received. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 73% positive rating and a “Fresh” certification. On Metacritic it has a score of 63/100. Roger Ebert gave it 2,5/4 stars. And on it has a score of 7,3/10.

“The Lost Boys” is a fun little vampire movie. It has a good plot, good characters, really good performances, great music, and great directing. Time for my final score. *Ahem*. My final score for “The Lost Boys” is an 8,99/10. While I didn’t love it, I still think that it is definitely worth buying.

My review of “The Lost Boys” is now completed.

I already wasn’t a fan of noodles, and this movie isn’t doing noodles any favors.

Movie Review: Gremlins (1984)


I bet you all have experienced the situation of a family member/friend talking about a certain movie, often counted as a classic, that they love but you haven’t seen an therefore they bombard you with comments like “What the hell, man!? How can you not have seen *Insert title here*!?”. This has happened me a few times. One of the times was the pretty awesome “Blues Brothers” which I reviewed a while back. And as you may have expected, this is another one of those movies someone loved and told me I should watch it.

Boys and girls… “Gremlins”.

In this movie we meet young man Billy (Zach Galligan). He has a fairly normal life, living with his mom (Frances Lee McCain) and his inventor dad (Hoyt Axton, R.I.P). One day around christmas Billy’s dad brings home a box containing a creature he claims to be Billy’s new pet. At first it seems fine, a cute and fuzzy little creature they call Gizmo. Sure, there is the hassle of a few pesky rules, three to be exact; Don’t expose him to bright lights, don’t let him touch water and absolutely never feed him after midnight. And as you may expect, Billy accidentally breaks these rules and he has to take care of the strange creatures coming from that. And with that silly shit out of the way, this plot was pretty great. It is a simple concept that only need to bring an entertaining and funny plot. And did “Gremlins” deliver on that? Uh, yeah… pretty fucking well! Seeing these creatures wreak havoc and how Billy tries to fix everything is both fun and interesting.

The characters are pretty good in the movie. Zach Galligan as Billy is charming enough. He is a regular, slightly clumsy yet charming man-child. His parents are pretty good too, especially his dad played by Hoyt Axton who tries like I said is an inventor (Sidenote: Not the best inventor though). Also, simply because this is a 1980’s movie, Corey Feldman is in it for some reason. But we are not here to talk about the humans, but rather the Gremlins (roll credits) themselves. First off we have Gizmo who is the cute and fluffy guy who follows Billy throughout the movie and helps him. The next one we can actually identify is Stripe who is one of the biggest badasses in movie history. I mean, he is a mischievous Gremlin… WITH A MOHAWK! And even though we can’t really identify any other Gremlins by name, I can still say that they all are entertaining as hell. They are always up to something fun and silly.

The score for the movie was done by Jerry Goldsmith who I think did an excellent job. It was created to convey, and I quote “the mischievous humor and mounting suspense of Gremlins”. I would say that it kind of sounds like John Williams could have made it, but he didn’t and I don’t care because this was still great.

Seeing as this movie is a comedy, were the jokes funny? Yes, I think they were, especially when the Gremlins really become, well… Gremlins. They really show off the WORST of humanity when they turn and that make for some of the most hilarious parts of this movie. Let’s just put it like this: the scene in the bar is by far my favorite scene in the movie, it is pure hilarity. And the movie is pretty well-directed overall. This movie was directed by Joe Dante who besides this, I haven’t seen anything from. Sure, internet tells me he did the sequel to this too, but besidse that, he is competely unknown to me. But he still did a good job.

This is a fairly well-received movie. On Rotten Tomatoes it has an 85% positive rating with a “Fresh” certification. On Metacritic this movie doesn’t even exist. Roger Ebert gave the movie 3/4 stars. And on the movie has a score of 7,2/10.

“Gremlins” is a hilarious and silly 1980’s horror-comedy with a well-executed plot, fun characters, good music and some pretty good direction. Time for my final score. Ouch! Okay, who threw the envelope on m- Oh hey there, Stripe. Go away! My final score for “Gremlins” is a 9,88/10. It definitely gets the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”
Seal of Approval

“Gremlins” is now reviewed.

Merry fuc- What? It isn’t christmas? Well… shit…