“Devil May Cry 5” E3 Trailer

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. Once again it is that time of year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3, is in full force and trailers are coming out left and right. I know that there are those of you out there who aren’t into video games, but that won’t stop me from writing about them. I love video games, and E3 gives me plenty of trailers to talk about. So let’s get into it.

First trailer we’ll be talking about is for a franchise that I almost thought was dead. But after months of rumors and speculation, we finally have a trailer for “Devil May Cry 5”. The latest part in the Japanese hack n slash action series follows Nero (Johnny Yong Bosch), the protagonist from “Devil May Cry 4”, as he goes on a journey to kick some demon ass. We get CGI cutscenes and even small increments of actual gameplay. And it looks like it will be the fun, fast-paced, over-the-top style of the previous games with the same crunchy combat that fans love. And as a fan of “Devil May Cry”, I am excited for this new game. I love the world, I love the insanity of it all, and this just looks like it will be a lot of fun. “Devil May Cry 5” is set to be released in spring of 2019.

What are your thoughts (if you have any)? Are you excited for “Devil May Cry 5”? And do you like the other games in the series? Leave any and all thoughts in the comments.
Have a good one and enjoy the trailer!

My Top 15 Musical Tracks from Video games

Wut wut

Hey there, my friends! I am back with another “Top Whatever” list. This time I am stepping away from movies a little. Not forever, just for this little list. Not only do I watch movies and TV, but I also play video games. And when you play video games you might sometimes encounter some great musical tracks every now and then. And that is what we are taking a look at today. Now before we officially begin we have to set up some rules.

Rule 1: Like I mentioned in my previous list, this is my list based on my opinion, so no bitching. If there is a musical track you want to share with me, please do so, I would like to see what you think.

Rule 2: Only one musical track per video game franchise. I know that might sound awfully picky, but that is how we are doing it.

Rule 3: Only tracks that were made for that game. We are not using licensed tracks in this list. Even though some video games integrated licensed tracks perfectly, those tracks are not good for this list.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s go!

Number 15: Murder in the Station – The Darkness 2 (2012)

A track from the excellent first person shooter game “The Darkness 2”. This track accompanies a part of the game where you as Jackie Estacado (voiced by the awesome Brian Bloom) go through a train station, killing a bunch of thugs who were sent after you to well… kill you. While this track might be generic to some people, I still think it is great.

Number 14: Overture – Red Faction: Armageddon (2011)

This track acts as sort of the main theme song of the game. If you didn’t know, “Red Faction: Armageddon” is a sort of sequel to the epic 2009 game “Red Faction: Guerrilla”. This track is dark, cold and builds up to a great conclusion. I have listened to it a ton of times and I think it is great.

Number 13: Suicide Mission – Mass Effect 2 (2010)

Now we throw in an epic orchestral piece into the mix from a great game. “Mass Effect 2” is the sequel to the critically acclaimed sci-fi RPG by Canadian developer Bioware. In this game you are putting together a team of different species and personalities to take on “The Collectors” who kidnap human colonies. And this song (mild spoiler) is played during a part of the final mission, hence the name “Suicide Mission”. This track is big, it’s epic and it got some great build up! Such a great track! Then why is it so low as 13? I just prefer the following musical tracks more than this one.

Number 12: Save theme – Resident Evil 4 (2005)

My god, I love this game so much! I am generally not a guy who loves horror games/movies/shows so much, but hot damn is this awesome! It feels like a mix of B-movie horror with B-movie action but is produced like an A-movie. I know that doesn’t make sense, but that is just how it is. This track is the song you hear when you go to a typewriter and save the game. It is a song that both makes you feel safe but also feel like there is something scary around the next corner. The track is soothing, the track is creepy, the track is great.

Number 11: Battle Theme – Final Fantasy X (2001)

Going back to the realm of RPG’s with this track from the excellent “Final Fantasy X”. I love this game. It got a great (if somewhat cheesy) story, great characters, good gameplay and of course… great music. Once again Nobuo Uematsu composed the music for a “Final Fantasy” game and once again he delivered. This track is the one you hear pretty much everytime you go into battle with regular enemies (bosses have different tunes). This track gets you pumped for the battle and makes you feel like you can take on everything! And if I ever decide to start working out in one way or another then this song will proably be part of the playlist. If it goes on for too long it might get a little repetitive, but overall it is great.

Number 10: Main theme song – Donkey Kong Country (1994)

This song is so awesome! If any person who loves video games hears this song, they automatically know where it’s from and what to do… go get bananas and start jumping on crocodiles! Wait, no… that’s a bad idea. But you get my point. This song is as the title describes it; the main theme song for “Donkey Kong Country” which came out for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). I have listened to this song so many times and every time I hear it I want to go on a big adventure, the song gives off that feeling in my opinion. I also love the game, it is awesome.

Number 9: Dr. Wily’s Castle – Megaman 2 (1988)

The “Megaman” franchise is known for being difficult. “Megaman 2” is no exception. But when you hear this awesome song during the final level of the game you don’t care, you just feel invincible and you also feel like nothing can stop you except for spikes and pitfalls. My point is, this track is badass. It also sounds like it is a rock n roll track but can’t get that sound per se because of the limitations of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). But those limiations don’t matter when the song is awesome in 8-bit! This song is so good at getting me pumped and I absolutely love that!

Number 8: Mystic Cave Zone – Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)

Staying in the realm of old games for a little more we have this fucking awesome song from the game “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”. While I haven’t played the game on an old cartridge, I have played it on the PS2 thing “Sonic Mega Collection Plus” which featured a whole bunch of old Sonic games. And when I decided to play “Sonic 2” one day I got to the stage “Mystic Cave Zone” after much struggle and was greeted with this awesome song. My biggest problem was that I didn’t want to continue because that would end the song, and that would be sad because it is so bouncy and uplifting and just amazing! It is one of those songs you expect to hear in an old platformer and when you do get it you fall in love with it. I know I did at least. Because this song is awesome.

Number 7: Taste the Blood – Devil May Cry 3 (2005)

Whoo boy… this game is difficult. When you feel like you want to give up during the combat of this game you don’t. You know why? Because this badass song keeps you pumped and makes sure you don’t give up! A line in the song even says “To take me out you must FIGHT LIKE A MAN” which basically taunts you into fighting like a badass. This track is what kept me going when I got frustrated in the game. Then halfway through they switched to a different song, not a bad one, but it isn’t “Taste the Blood”. “Taste the Blood” is awesome.

Number 6: Main theme song – Max Payne 3 (2012)

I could just as easily have gone with any of the “Max Payne” theme songs (because they are all the same song). But I went specifically with this version because it is the one I think is the best and most depressing one. This version really makes you feel how far Max has decayed as a person with his booze and pills. You really feel how heavy life is for Max when you listen to this song and you just want to reach in there and save the guy. But then you remember that if you do you will not be able to do the cool “bullet time” moves Max does in the game. But this track is a way to show that video games aren’t all happy and bouncy and for kids. Want to prove someone wrong about that stuff? Play this track. It is possibly the heaviest track I have ever heard. And that is why I love it!

Number 5: Main theme song – Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001)

Getting down to the big boys here! Here comes the main theme tune from the video game sequel that did everything better than the first game. This game improves on so much. But that is not why we are here, we are here for the music! To be honest I almost went with the track “Yell Dead Cell” from the game but then decided “Fuck it, main theme it is!” because it is frankly amazing. Composed by acclaimed composer Harry Gregson-Williams this song really embraces the whole badass spy espionage action thing. When you hear this you basically just want to go out, sneak in somewhere and do some cool spy stuff. But then you remember that is illegal and you go back playing some “Metal Gear Solid 2”. This song is awesome and the game is too.

Number 4: Ransacked – Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014)

Woaw, a game from last year! And it is a shooter with super nazis and a badass soundtrack… sing me up! This track from this badass game is a great way to get me like “Ho-ly shit, this is awesome!”. The soundtrack was already really good with a lot of the metal they used in the soundtrack, but then they add this little guitar tune at one of the most epic parts of the game. When I got to that part I thought “Oh crap, what’s gonna happen now” but then lost that trail of thought when I heard the guitar from this song come one and then switch to the Rock n Roll bit of it. And the Rock n Roll parts of this songs are probably my favorite parts of the song and makes me feel all badass on the inside and makes the situation in the game so much more dire and haunting. This track is awesome!

Number 3: Ezio’s Family – Assassin’s Creed 2 (2009)

I could just as easily put the entire “Assassin’s Creed 2” soundtrack here because of how great it is. But I chose to go with the song that I guess could count as the main theme song of the game. Danish composer Jesper Kyd did an excellent job composing the soundtrack for this game and I absolutely adored it! It fits the 15th century setting perfectly and it fits the amazing story just as well. I don’t know what to say more really. One thing I do like about it is how he used a good mix of guitar and other stringed intruments in this track. It worked out perfectly and that is kind of why he is one of my favorite composers.

Number 2: Born unto Trouble – Red Dead Redemption (2010)

You guys knew I wouldn’t make this list without at least talking about westerns once. This song perfectly captures the western feel so well! Perfect also how it comes from a western game that turned out to be one of my favorite games of all time. With a fantastic story, interesting characters and a soundtrack to rival Ennio Morricone (THERE, I said it!). The reason I chose this song is because of how it both captures the western feel so well and give you a sense of relaxation. It also gives a sense of realism and darkness, kind of like the movie “Unforgiven”. Bill Elm & Woody Jackson did a great job with this song and the soundtrack in general. I love them.

Number 1: Dearly Beloved – Kingdom Hearts 2 (2005)

Like with “Max Payne”, this song is featured in every installment of this franchise but I choose this version because… just listen to it! It’s fucking beautiful! The piano, the subtle strings, the subtle woodwind intruments… I love it so much! It is also perfect how this franchise happens to be my favorite video game franchise of all time. I adore it so much and the music is one of the reason why. And that is why I chose this track above all others! It is simply beautiful.

Now the list is over! Thanks for reading, hope you had a good time and I’ll see you next time! Oh wait, what are some of your favorite video game musical tracks? Leave a comment! I would like to hear from you!

See ya!

Recent Purchases: Episode 1

Hello good people of wordpress! It is me again! Remember when I told you in a post a while back how I maybe should start telling you about new/recent purchases I have made (Based on DVD’s, Blu-Ray, Books, etc.)? No? Well that is kinda rude. Well, now I am starting it up…so HERE WE GO!

DVD: Snatch (2000)
Collateral (2004)
Body of Lies (2008)
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011).

Blu-Ray: Devil May Cry Complete Series (2007)

And that’s about it, really. I will try to do these posts every now and then to keep you updated. I hope this has been informative (in some sense) for you. I hope you also enjoyed it.

See you later, alligator!