“Injustice 2” Announcement trailer

Well hello there, ladies and gentlmen (and possibly others). As it stands right now, my blog is not heavily based in video game content. Not to say that I dislike video games at all, oh no. I fucking love video games, it’s just that I rarely talk about them here on my blog. So with that said… yeah, here’s a post relating to video games.

So while I was asleep (damn time zones), DC and NetherRealm studios released an announcement trailer for “Injustice 2”. Now there have been speculation and alleged leaks for a while now over if this game was real or not… and now we have the answer. So for those of you who may not know, this is a sequel to “Injustice: Gods Among Us”, a fighting game that came out in 2013. What was it about? DC characters beating the shit out of each other. Yes, there is more of a plot to it than that, but I will not go into detail about for this type of post. Anyway, I didn’t play much of that game. I’ve played the demo a whole bunch of times (and really enjoyed it), but never got into the real deal. But maybe I should now that the sequel has been announced. So what do we see in the trailer?
Well, we see Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman and some other heroes, fighting in a very dark room while also seeming to have gotten some pretty sweet armor upgrades. That’s it, it’s a cinematic trailer that vaguely tells us what it’s about… DC characters beating the shit out of each other. While this trailer doesn’t give much info, I get the feeling that we will see more of it at E3 which is in about a week.

Question to you guys: Are you excited about “Injustice 2”? Also, did you play the first one? If you did, what are your thoughts on it? LEave any and all answers in the comments.
Have a good one and enjoy the trailer!