Recent Purchases: Episode 7

Hello my good friends! The long dead segment is returning! I don’t know why, but I have been missing this. I love reviewing stuff, but this is something that I enjoy doing. Maybe it is sharing shit that I can call mine that I like. But enough of this introduction… HERE WE GO!

Movies: Heat (1995)
Easy Rider (1969)
Reservoir Dogs (1992)
Natural Born Killers (1994)
The Bourne Supremacy (2004)
Goldeneye (1995)

To be honest, that was really it. Not much stuff in the last couple of months. But it was fun returning to this segment. I’ll see ya later!

My Top 5 Crime-thriller movies


Hello people of ze internets. For the first time on this little blog of mine, I am doing a countdown. Holy shit.
As I mentioned in my review of “Prisoners”, I love crime stuff. Movies, books, shows…anything really…except if it’s bad of course. So I got the idea of making a countdown of my favorite crime-thriller movies. Are you ready for this? Because if you’re not, then bye-bye!

Ladies and gentlemen…My Top 5 Crime-thriller movies (Given I have not seen ALL crime-thrillers ever).

5. Sin City (2005)
Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’ dark neo-noir based on the graphic novels of the same name by Frank Miller is a shining example of what a crime-thriller is. It fetures crime, and is really thrilling. Also, it never gets boring, especially with its beautiful style of black & white mixed with colors every now and then. This movie is one of the greatest things ever since it is so unique.

4. Prisoners (2013)
This dark and twisted tale about two girls disappearing on thanksgiving is a haunting experience to say the least. It is hightened by the fact that it kept me intrigued the entire time by being complex…yet understandable. Canadian Denis Villeneuve made a beautiful looking movie with a dark story that kept me on the edge of my seat…and no movie has achieved that since “Requiem for a Dream”. Also, the perfromances by Donnie Darko and Wolverine were amazing…two of the best and most haunting I have ever seen.

3. Heat (1995)

This movie might look like just any other bank heist movie to you…but it ain’t. This movie does not only have a these days rarely seen type of crime (for movies) and action. It is also one of the most thrilling movies I have ever seen. Every time there was action in a scene or anything relating to crime, I was pumped. Michael Mann’s 1995 classic made it into the heart of me. I love this crime-thriller.

2. Collateral (2004)

Another Michael Mann movie enters the list. But this time it is about cab driver Max who is up for the ride/job of his life. This movie always kept me on edge, it never got boring, not even during regular conversations between characters. This movie is so well done and looks amazing. It also gives us one of the best performances from Tom Cruise I have ever seen. Also, it got 2 Oscar nominations. How is that for a proof of greatness?

1. Drive (2011)

Did you see this coming? I bet you did, and that fact is based on all the praise I gave this movie during my review of it. At the time, I said it was my favorite movie. But now it comes close second. But that doesn’t stop this from being one powerhosue of a movie. “Drive” by danish director Nicolas Winding Refn is a modern masterpiece. This movie got a few mixed reviews. Sure, most were good, but a lot of people were “bored” by it. I bet they expected it to be like “Transporter 4” or a new “Fast and the Furious”. Sure, I went in and kind of expected a hard boiled action movie, but what I got was so much more. This movie intrigues me on every level and is proof that subtlety is one of the best things a thriller can offer. This movie, like I said, is a fucking masterpiece.

Countdown completed.

3, 2, 1…Let’s Jam!


Movie Review: Heat (1995)


Have you also noticed that a lot-ish games contain/are about bank heists? And there are some good ones; Payday, GTA5 and more. But what about movies? I know there are a lot of movies featuring a bank heists, but they are usually the secondary focus (See things like “30 minutes or less”). It is rare to find one where the heist(s) is the prime focus. At least movies that are set in more modern times than westerns. So when I heard about this movie called “Heat”, it pinched my interest a little bit. Especially since it starred both Robert De Niro AND Al Pacino. Oh and Val Kilmer (But I didn’t care too much for Kilmer by the time I heard of this which was before I saw Tombstone). So I finally sat my ass down to watch it. But was it good? Let’s talk about it.

Ladies and gentledicks…Heat.

The story is about a bank heist crew led by a man named Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro). They are the best damned crew in all of Los Angeles. And who knows, maybe even in America? On this team of badasses we have Chris Shiherlis (Val Kilmer), a fucking aced sniper and pony tail wearing badass. Michael Cherrito (Tom Sizemore), I don’t remember his part, I think he was mainly a brute. And there was another guy but I can’t remember/find who he was and who played him, sorry. Anyway, let us continue. On the other side of the law we not only have normal cops. We even have one with a name…Lieutenant Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino). He is basically the one leading the search for the bank robbers that have not only stolen expensive shit, but also killed a few people. There is a slight mind game going on between McCauley and Hanna throughout the game, mostly because of how elusive McCauley is even though Hanna is one of the best at his job. So as the story unfolds, it really shows that it is a really good story filled with plot twists, suspenseful moments and genuine great storytelling. And those things are usually typical for a Michael Mann movie.

So the characters are…well I don’t really want to use a word synonymous to perfect. Because that is not what they are, even though they are fucking awesome. They are flawed…for the most part. But they are so interesting that I don’t mind. But most of the interesting parts come from the fact that they all are so well acted, and I love that shit.

Music is…great. Not perfect, but nothing ever is…mostly. But for what it is and what it does…it’s great. The soundtrack is a nice mix of orchestral instruments for the different types of moments in the movie.

Have to mention the action scenes. They are really fucking good! I love them! That’s all.

The reception for the film was overall pretty good. With scores like 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and 76/100 on Metacritic. And for the first time in a while, I have found a Roger Ebert review on it. And he really liked it. Here is a quote:
“It’s not just an action picture. Above all, the dialogue is complex enough to allow the characters to say what they’re thinking: They are eloquent, insightful, fanciful, poetic when necessary. They’re not trapped with cliches. Of the many imprisonments possible in our world, one of the worst must be to be inarticulate — to be unable to tell another person what you really feel”.

So overall, this movie got good shit going for it. And that is good since that means I am giving it a score of 9,49/10. This movie is worth every dollar/pound/krona/yen that you spend on it. Go buy it. Or rent it. This is probably one of the smartest actions/thrillers ever.

I robbed you of your time with this review (Bank heist pun).

*Sneaking out*