12 Songs of Christmas 2016 (Part 9)

Hello there, ladies and gents. It’s very close to christmas now. But before that, let’s talk about some music!

So the song I have picked out today it “Buon Natale” by Italian comedian/actor/singer Enzo Iachetti. Backstory, I first heard this song during class once. Why did I hear this song then? I was studying Italian with a teacher who originated from Italy… duh. There backstory done! Now, the reason I picked this song was because 1. Backstory. 2. I think it’s a pretty damn good song that I wanted to share with you guys during this stupid thing of mine. Basically the song is about how someone wishes all the people of the world a merry christmas. I mean, the title itself, “Buon Natale” is Italian for merry christmas. Yeah.