Some great podcasts


Hello there, people! I hope you’re all doing well! So I wanted to give you a little post here, sharing some of my favorite podcasts, in honor of international podcast day which was yesterday. And I would’ve given you a post like this yesterday but I was busy… binge-watching “Luke Cage”. Shut up, that’s a totally valid reason! Anyhow, this isn’t really a ranked list of any kind, though I will put my favorite podcast at the end of this because of the old saying “Save the best for last”. So let’s do this.
Also, if you have any podcasts you enjoy listening to, feel free to share them in the comments, would be fun to hear from you about that.

Ladies and gentlemen, here I give you some of my favorite podcasts (as of October 1st 2016, might do a redux in the future).

We Have a Hulk.

So the first I’ll share with you is the We have a Hulk podcast, obviously named after that easy but fun line from “The Avengers”. This is a podcast led by two people who I have not memorized the names of (my apologies, guys). But this is a pod that has plenty of interactions with it’s listeneres on twitter (wehaveahulkpod) which is always awesome. It’s a good podcast where the hosts talk about movies and TV (What a shocker, never would’ve guessed that with this blog). The only complaint I might have is that they might be a little quiet when they talk. I mean, I can hear them when they talk, but I feel like they’re holding back a little and not speaking up. Either that or they need better mics. But other than that, give these guys a listen!

Dude Soup.

One of the bigger podcasts on this list. This pod is held by Funhaus, a channel that’s a subsidiary of Rooster Teeth productions. While there’s a podcast on the main Rooster Teeth channel (which is a really good pod), I think I prefer Dude Soup. In this podcast, the hosts mainly talk about video games and what the hell is going on in the world of the internet. I’ve been a fan of these guys, ever since they were part of Machinima’s Inside Gaming, but it seems like they’ve really gotten to grow into their own style even more as Funhaus. In this podcast they talk about a new subject every week, while also playing some video game.


A podcast that I have listened to longer than I have most of the other ones, as well as almost having been a guest on. Hosted by my pal Bubbawheat, the pod explores the world of film in an interesting way. Every episode, the host has a guest on that makes him watch a movie he hasn’t seen before, and the host makes the guest watch a superhero/comic book movie he/she have never watched before, and then they talk about these two movies. It’s pretty interesting, seeing this contrast that we can get between the “regular” movie and the superhero/comic book movie. Though my favorite part might be the artwork for each episode, as the host combines elements of the posters of both movies to make one super-poster (pun intended).

Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show.

This here is an interesting one, a podcast hosted by actor/comedian Kevin Pollak, well known for his role in “The Usual Suspects”. So in this chat show, we have the host (Pollak) chatting every episode an actor. Whether it’d be James Van Der Beek, Vinnie Jones, or the recent David Harbour. It’s an entertaining pod with a great host and tons of awesome guests spread throughout it’s almost 300 episode run.

The Weekly Planet.

Here we have a pretty well known podcast for you guys. So this podcast is hosted by James, also known as Mr. Sunday, and his co-host… Nick Mason. And in this pod we get red hot comic book movie news, shooting up our buttholes. And before you ask why I wrote that strange sentence, it is a play on the pod’s theme song. But yeah, we get news for comic book movies, reviews for comic book movies, and similar things for various other genres (mainly in that case sci-fi/fantasy). It’s informative, interesting, and downright hilarious at times. So yeah, that’s the Weekly Planet for you.


Yes, this is it. This is my favorite podcast. So what is Nerdschatting exactly? Formerly known as the Lazarus Pit Pod, it is a podcast hosted by Nate and Ben (and sometimes Rob), and it’s kind of like the Weekly Planet, only less Australian and with a smaller fanbase. But that last thing is not for a lack of quality, oh no. This podcast nails it on so many points, perfectly balancing news, reviews, humor, seriousness, sillyness, chatting, and community. Yes, that’s right, this is a pod with plenty of interactions with the listeners. For fuck’s sake, even my name has been dropped by these guys… twice. But yeah, I love listening to this podcast. Giving good discussions on movies/TV/comics, while also being really entertaining and really funny doing it. IT also really helps that these dudes have fantastic chemsitry with each other.

So those were some of my favorite podcasts. But to be nice, I’ll give an honorable mention or two.

Jack and the Geekstalk – Have honestly only listened to one episode from these guys, but I really enjoyed it, so I’ll continue listening to them.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast – Kind of the same as with Geekstalk, only listened to one or two episodes. Also, Gilbert Gottfried’s voice is something that can only be taken in small doses. But it’s still fun.

M*A*S*H 4077 Podcast – Never actually listened to this podcast, but I’m giving it an honorable mention because they talk about one of my favorite shows of all time.

So there we have it, some cool podcasts. Like I said before, feel free to mention any of your favorites that might not have been featured here, I like learning about new stuff.
Have a good one.

Movie Review: The Usual Suspects (1995)

usual suspects

You should know by now that I love crime movies. Whether it’d be a crime-drama, crime-thriller, crime-comedy, etc. There is just something about crime-based movies that I love. Maybe it is because I have never committed a crime and probably never will and the movies help me get some kind of weird satisfaction from it or something. Anyway, today we are taking a look at a crime movie that is being praised as one of the best.

Ladies and gentlemen, please step forward and say the line you’ve been given when told so… because we are taking a look at “The Usual Suspects”!

The story is about con man Roger “Verbal” Kint (Kevin Spacey) who is the sole survivor of a brutal and horrific gun battle on a boat/at a dock. He is brought in by the police and is being interrogated by US Customs officer Dave Kujan (Chazz Palminteri). As you may have guessed, the officer wants to know what the hell happened there. And not only does Kint tell him about what happened there, but he also tells about the events leading up to it starting with a random police lineup where he meets his fellow cast members (Gabriel Byrne, Stephen Baldwin, Benicio Del Toro, Kevin Pollak). And at the same time as Kint is telling Kujan about the different situations there is an investigation going on that revolves around the mysterious killer “Keyser Söze”. And then plot twists, great heist things and other awesome things ensues… and that is kind of what makes this story so great. It has an unconventional way of telling itself. It is not straightforward, it is not without complexity, this story is fucking awesome!

The characters in this movie are fantastic in every aspect of the word. Not only well-acted, but also fantastically well-written. They are all entertaining to watch and they all fill their shoes perfectly. But by god, the biggest surprise in this movie was Stephen Baldwin. Take in mind that I have only seen him in that shit movie “BioDome”. But here he not only gives a really good performance but also turned out to pretty much be my favorite character. He is witty, he is smart, he got a great beard and just is perfect for the movie! Also, Kevin Spacey gives an Oscar worthy performance in this movie (Duh, of course he was Oscar worthy, he won an Oscar for the role).

The soundtrack by John Ottman (Who was also the editor for the movie) is just fantastic! Combining both subtle and pretty (I don’t wanna use this word, but I have to) epic orchestrations. The subtle parts were there when they needed to and the bigger parts were there when they needed to. And therefore it really worked.

Fun fact: The script for this movie was written by Christopher McQuarrie who later went on to direct 2012’s “Jack Reacher” and the upcoming “Mission Impossible 5”. I don’t know, I just thought it was kinda cool to see his name in the credits of this movie since I really liked “Jack Reacher”. Also if you didn’t know, this movie was directed by Bryan Singer who you may know from movies like “X-Men”, “X-men 2” and “X-men: Days of future Past”. Yeah, this guy has been around and kicked butt. I also have to mention that this movie is perfectly shot. I know I rarely say that about a movie that is not directed by David Fincher, but this time I can say it without any problems. It looks fantastic!

Time for the reception. For the most part, “The Usual Suspects” was well-received. On Rotten Tomatoes it holds a score of 88% and of course with that score has been certified “Fresh”. On Metacritic this movie has a 77/100. Here comes the funny bit where I tell you about what Roger Ebert thought about it… he didn’t like this at all. He gave this movie 1,5/4 stars… I know, it’s kind of weird. Anyway, moving on from that! Let’s see here, on this movie has a score of 8,7/10 and is ranked #23 on the “Top 250” list there. This movie also won 2 Oscars in the categories of Best Actor in a supporting role (Kevin Spacey) and Best screenplay, written directly for the screen (Christopher McQuarrie).

This movie got great performances, an interesting plot with cool twists, great music, perfectly shot and it made me like Stephen Baldwin. So time for my final score for this little movie. My final score for “The Usual Suspects” is a 9,70/10 which of course grants it the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”.

“The Usual Suspects” is finally reviewed.