Liebster Award Number Two


Well, I’ll be damned… another Liebster Award Nomination thingamajig. This time from Tom over at First off, thank you very much, my good sir. Secondly, this is the second nomination for this I’ve gotten in less than a month. This makes me wonder what people see in me that makes them go “Oh yes, quite good, give this man a nomination or sometning, nyah!”. Not complaining, it’s just that I have a tendency to overthink these things. Oh well, let’s get on with it.

Rules for nominated folks (in a post, not a comment):

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers or so of your own choosing
  • Give them 11 questions
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them

So here comes the questions that Tom supplied me with to answer for y’all.

1. What are your three favourite books?
“Shutter Island” by Dennis Lehane, “1984” by George Orwell, “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” by Jeff Lindsay. Any of these might change in the future (Except “Shutter Island”), but this is as it is now.

2. What animal are you most like?
I would probably say a dog, or possibly a sloth. I’m really lazy. but I try not to be a total dick to people. So maybe a combination of those two animals, a… Slog, if you will.

3. You have the power to stop one director from making any more films – which one do you choose? Why?
Maybe Paul W.S. Anderson, or Zack Snyder. Sure, they might both be very nice people, and they have both done stuff that I enjoy, but I feel like they have overstayed their welcome in one way or another.

4. Which film would you most want to take out into the middle of a field to smash up with a baseball bat (Office Space style!)?
There are a whole bunch of films that I could/would do this with for different reasons. But the first that comes to mind is “Jonah Hex” starring Josh Brolin. Great actor, fucking awful movie.

5. Which actor/actress would you like to wake up next to?
As one or two people who follow me might be aware of, I have a bit of a crush on Keri Russell, so I guess that might be it. Sure, she’s quite a bit older than me, but I can’t help it… she’s beautiful AND talented. Though this just begs the question what the circumstance is…

6. Choice of weapon for a zombie apocalypse?
A really long stick. Or something in the style of a sledgehammer. I want something that can give me some distance that doesn’t require ammunition and/or fuel. But to give more of a fun answer… landmines.

7. Going to the cinema or “Netflix and chill”?
Cinema. The big screen, the big surround sound, the overall experience. Plus, the “chill” bit of the latter option would be a bit distracting from the film (or TV show).

8. You fought the law – who won?
As a music nerd, this question amuses me. To answer it, uhm… the law won, because I’m weak and slow and my conscience would kick in faster than you can say “Oklahoma”.

9. Brand new, thrilling Hollywood blockbuster or obscure, fascinating foreign film?
Here’s the problem: Both have good things to offer. One offers fun, while the otehr offers depth. Hmmm… Foreign film, why the hell not?

10. Why do you blog? What kinds of blogs do you follow? What do you think of your site? 3 in one, there!
I blog because I started this blog in January of 2014 and realized after a while “Holy shit, this is actually fun”. I mostly follow blogs that relate in one way or another to movies. Sure, there are some otehr types too, but movies take up most of it. I think my site is dumb and I love it… kind of like “Sharknado”.

11. And finally, the favourite: Which 5 actors/actresses would you have at a dinner party?
Mark Ruffalo, Sam Rockwell, Keri Russell, Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Lawrence. They all seem like decent people who could be fun to hang around. And yes, I know Swayze is dead, but the question didn’t specifically say that it had to be a living actor/actress.

So here are the people that I nominate for this thingamajig:

I know it’s not 11 people, but I couldn’t think of 11 for this one… so five will have to do.

Time to supply you nominees with some questions that you will answer in your post.

1. What is the most overrated movie of all time?
2. What is your favorite game show?
3. Why did you start blogging?
4. Which actor/actres would you like to wake up next to?
5. Who is your favorite author?
6. Do you read comics?
7. What movie always manages to get you in a good mood?
8. Is there a city in your country that you haven’t been to that you would like to visit?
9. Favorite film director?
10. Have you ever been arrested?
11. What do you think of your site?

So once again, special thanks to Tom for nominating me for this thing that took a while to write. You’re awesome, man, stay plain and simple!
Have a good one!

Liebster Award Nomination


So for some reason, the very awesome hammyreviews have nominated me for a “Liebster Award” (whatever the hell that is). First off, thank you so much! Secondly, sorry that I didn’t post about this earlier, I didn’t notice it until now because I was busy with some stuff. Thirdly, let’s move on with this thing.

This is how the nomination works:

  1. Thank the bloggers who nominated you, and answer the 11 questions by them. 
  2. Nominate 11 bloggers of your own and include 11 questions you’d like your nominees to answer.

So here comes Hammy’s questions/my answers.

1. Tea or coffee (or neither?)?
I like both a lot but if I had to pick one I would probably say coffee.

2. Favourite graphic novel?
I haven’t really read a lot of graphic novels throughout my life, but I do remember reading “Civil War” a few years back, so let’s go with that so we can move this shit along.

3. Do you collect anything?
Self-loathing. No, not really. In all seriousness I do collect old/international coins, I jsut find them pretty cool. I also collect coffee mugs that I find visually interesting.

4. Digital or hard copy?
Hard copy for life, baby!

5. What is the worst book you have ever read?
This is a very good question. And for that I will say that I don’t know. I’m sure there is one, but I can’t think of it right now.

6. Favourite Disney film?
This is a pretty tough question. But I generally have two films I bounce around as my faves. “The Lion King” and the original “Jungle Book”. Those are my favorites.

7. Who would you prefer to rule your country: Donald Trump or Alan Sugar?
Both seems like they would be terrible, but if I had to choose I would probably go with Sugar since Trump seems like the least likely person to be a good leader.

8. What is your dream holiday?
By holiday I suppose Hammy means the synonymous word “Vacation”. And for that I would say that I would probably choose to just stay home with friends/family. Either that or possibly a travel Scotland, wanted to go there for some time now.

9. Could you construct a Lego set without the instructions?
Possibly. I am a bit of a moron, so it’s very unlikely… but there is a slight possibilty of success here.

10. What film are you anticipating most in 2017?
Like most people I will say “Star Wars Episode 8”, but I will also choose something different because variation is needed. *Checks internet*. God damn, there are a lot of good things coming out. So here are two more for you: “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and “Live by Night”, those are my picks.

11. It’s the end of the world in ten minutes: how do you spend those ten minutes?
I would spend that time with my family I suppose. What else would one choose for such a question?

So here are the people I will nominate (because apparently this is one of those “pay it forward” type of situations).


Phew, nominations are done! Now for the questions they should answer if they’ll accept the nomination.

1. What is a movie that always makes you cry?
2. Coffee or tea?
3. Two TV-shows you think ended/got cancelled too soon?
4. What is a country you would like to visit at some point in your life?
5. What song would you consider your main theme?
6. What inspired you to start blogging?
7. Physical copy or e-book?
8. If you could bring back a dead actor for one final role, who would you choose?
9. Favorite color?
10. Who would you want to direct a movie about your life?
11. Who is the biggest inspiration in your life?

And once again, a really big thanks to HammyReviews for the nomination, ‘preciate it!