12 Films of Christmas 2020 (Part 11)

Only one more of these left after today. THANK GOD. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing for you guys. But writing for 12 days straight is a bit draining. So when this is over I’m gonna take a few days off. But until then, let’s talk about the penultimate movie for this series.

So for today we’re talking about a brand new movie (oh my god). That movie is “Happiest Season”, a christmas dramedy about Harper (Mackenzie Davis), a young woman who is bringing her girlfriend (Kristen Stewart) along for christmas with the family… except they don’t know that Harper isn’t gay, so the pair have to keep it a bit of a secret until Harper feels ready to come out of the proverbial closest. Cue the sneaking around, misunderstandings, emotional baggage, and personal demons. While I wouldn’t say that “Happiest Season” is the best movie I’ve seen this year, I still think it’s really solid. It handles its subject matter with a fair bit of tact, giving us a pretty nuanced take on this premise. While the movie primarily acts as a comedy, it isn’t afraid to get a bit more serious, really letting us sit with the characters and their emotions for a bit. And while I do think it gets the balance of comedy and drama down quite well, it doesn’t always hold up perfectly in that regard. When you have serious contemplations about the nature of your relationship one minute and awkward slapstick the next, it can get slightly jarring. It’s not enough to ruin the movie, but it did take me out for a sec.
Also, I just have to go off on one thing for a second. Dan Levy. Dan god damn Levy. This guy is gutbustingly funny. Any time (bar one more serious part) he was on screen he made me absolutely lose it. The rest of the cast is great too, there’s not a weak link in that department… but Levy is definitely the MVP here.
So in conclusion, “Happiest Season” may not be perfect, but it’s still a really solid holiday dramedy that both made me laugh, and made me care about these characters. I’d happily watch it again next year.

On the eleventh day of christmas, I watched something gay
And hey guess what, it was truly quite good, yay

12 Films of Christmas (Part 3)

Time for the third part in my 12 Films of Christmas series. So let’s get into it.

What if you’ve been raised as something/someone you’re not your entire life? This is pretty much the central theme of christmas comedy “Elf”. Buddy (Will Ferrell) is a human who has been raised on the North Pole as an elf his entire life. But when he finds out that he’s actually a human whose father lives in New York City, he decides to travel to the big apple to find his true father and learn about what he truly is. And this is a fun movie. Light, fluffy, and not particularly deep, but it’s still a good amount of fun. And I do have to admit that there were some laugh out loud jokes here. But most jokes were pretty much just chuckle-worthy. It’s one of those movies that I don’t think I’ll watch every year, but I did have fun with it. Will Ferrell was enjoyable as Buddy. He’s a childlike, energetic, and very naive man, and Ferrell delivers it all flawlessly. James Caan as Buddy’s biological dad was good. Ed Asner was a great Santa Claus. Jon Favreau’s direction is energized and whimsical and makes it an easy watch. I have no nostalgia for this movie, so I don’t really have the same warm and fuzzy feelings for it that some others do. But I enjoyed my time with it and I do recommend it if you just want something fun and warm-hearted to watch this holiday season.

What do you think about “Elf”? And what’s your favorite Will Ferrell role that isn’t this? Leave any and all thoughts in the comments.
Have a good one.