Vote…I suppose.

Hello there guys! Today I wanted to give you a little something extra as a thank you for helping me reach over 1000 views on the blog. So I created a poll where you can and will be able to vote for a movie I have reviewed…that you want me to revisit. The poll ends this saturday. Just plac e your vote in it and everything will be fine!
Again, thank you all for the views and the follows and everything…you guys rock!

Vote for a movie review!

Hello everyone. Today I will be posting a link to a poll that will let you vote for a movie that I then will watch and review. I know I have already done this, but nobody voted that time. But this time maybe we can get some people along! So please, vote away and we will see in a day or so which movie will get targeted for a review.

Vote here!

Have fun! Time for voting expires tomorrow (16th of August 2014) at 12:05 pm gmt+2 (Swedish time).

See ya!

Take my poll, please!

Hello people! Today I am making a slightly different post. I want you to take my poll on which movie I should watch/review next! The poll closes this thursday, 12pm, Grennwich Mean Time +2 (AKA, Swedish time, because I am Swedish). So compare time zones to know when you wanna vote! Or you just vote now! Remember, your vote might make me watch and review one of your favorite movies (If it is in the list, that is). Have fun!

See ya later! The movie with the most votes will be watched and reviewed!