“Daredevil” renewed for second season!!!


Hello people, I am once again in less than a week talking about this show. So let’s do it!

So Netflix and Marvel have renewed their recent show/collaboration “Daredevil” for another season. For fans of the show, such as myself, these are great news. For those of you who don’t know anything about the character of Daredevil¬†(both as a show and the character in general), it is about lawyer Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) going out at night as a costumed vigilante… kind of like Batman. Difference is, he is blind, so he is technically mroe badass than Batman (Let the flame war begin!). But back to the news. Like I said, show gets renewed, yada yada yada, there is however one small catch. What is the catch I hear you ask, well I’ll tell you! The original showrunner Steven S. DeKnight will not be working on the show anymore. This is a little sad because when he was showrunner, the show was fucking amazing. But it seems like the second season will be run by Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez who did writing for the first season of the show. So it looks like the show might be in good hands. It can’t at least be as bad as when Glenn Mazzara was chosen as showrunner during season 2 of “The Walking Dead”. But I do think the show will still be great if it at least keeps the dark tone and excellent writing.

The second season of “Daredevil” will air some time in 2016 on Netflix. So let me ask you, are you as excited as me for season 2 of “Daredevil”? And what are your thoughts on the first season?

Have a good one!