Series Review: Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – Season 1 (2021)

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the CG-animated “Resident Evil” movies, with “Resident Evil: Damnation” being my favorite of the bunch. So when it was announced that we were getting a new animated series for the franchise, I got excited. And now it’s here, on Netflix, and I watched the entire thing. So let’s talk about it.

Ladies, gents, and non-binaries… “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”.

A few years after the outbreak in Raccoon City, we once again meet up Leon Kennedy (Nick Apostolides) and Claire Redfield (Stephanie Panisello) as they’ve moved on to new positions in the world. And we follow them as they look into strange goings on involving bioweapons and horrific drawings, leading them down a dangerous path of horrors and conspiracies. So yeah, the setup treads familiar ground if you’re a fan of this franchise, which is fine, as long as it’s handled in an interesting and enjoyable way. Sadly, that’s not quite what’s going on here. I’m not saying that it’s outright poor, I didn’t dislike the story here. But it’s done in such a dry way, lacking the personality and unique charisma that makes “Resident Evil” into what it is. There is no real suspense, there’s not much (if any) excitement in how it could pan out, there’s not really any sense of fun, and at no point does it feel like it needed to be a “Resident Evil” story. On the whole, it’s a passable thriller narrative for a rainy Sunday, but sadly I never got truly invested in it.

The characters in this are… fine? Much like the case of the story, they lack a lot of personality. Leon is neither the naive optimist of “Resident Evil 2” or the snarky legend of “Resident Evil 4”, he’s just kind of a quiet tough guy who never shows much sign of any charisma.  Nick Apostolides does a good job with the performance, but it just feels slightly underwhelming when the material he has to work with is so… plain. Claire comes close at times of showing off some of the determined charm that I loved in “Resident Evil 2”, but never quiiiiite gets to go the distance on it. At least I can say that Stephanie Panisello does a good job with her performance. The other charaters… again, very plain, doesn’t get much, if any interesting development. They’re just kinda there. At least I can say that the supporting cast, featuring people like Ray Chase, Jona Xiao, Billy Kametz, Brad Venable, and more, all do very well in the roles.

The score for this series was composed by Yugo Kanno, and I think he did a good job with it. It doesn’t necessarily do much to stand out, but it has enough nice little action, horror, and drama flourishes throughout to at least give the show an enjoyable enough soundscape.

Based on the “Resident Evil” game franchise published by Capcom, “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” was created by Hiroyuki Kobayashi, with Eiichiro Hasumi handling direction. And now comes the part where I can finally pile praise upon the show. This show has some spectacular animation. Going for this sort of semi-realistic style can be a gamble, but I think they pulled it off. Character movement is fluid and natural, making me believe each action that happens. And the sheer amount of detail they managed to put in the show is absolutely insane. Individual hairs on characters’ heads, creasing in fabrics, subtle details in metal, there’s just a ridiculous amount of detail in everything throughout this show, which is just mindboggling to me. How can you pull this level of detail off? But yeah, this show is really well animated.

Keep in mind that the show just came out, so these ratings will change over time (not on this blog though, I’m too lazy to edit shit as time goes on). On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 56% positive rating. On Metacritic it currently has no rating. And on it has a score of 7.3/10.

So yeah, despite my excitement for it, “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” isn’t quite as enjoyable as I had hoped, with its biggest weakness being a lack of personality and identity. It has an okay plot, mediocre characters, good performances, good music, and terrific animation and direction. Time for my final score. *Ahem*. My final score for “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” is a 6.20/10. So while very flawed, it can at least be worth a watch.

My review of “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” is now completed.

Well, damn…

Movie Review: Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017)

As I’ve made clear on this blog a couple of times, I really enjoy the animated “Resident Evil” movies. The live action ones can burn in hell, but that’s a different story for a different day. So I was of course excited when a third entry in this series was announced. So I waited and a couple trailer came out and they got me excited and now the movie’s out and I’ve seen it so now it’s time to talk about it.

Ladies and gents… “Resident Evil: Vendetta”.

When a vengeful black market dealer is about to unleash a deadly virus upon New York City, BSAA agent Chris Redfield (Kevin Dorman) has to enlist the help of Leon Kennedy (Matthew Mercer) and Rebecca Chambers (Erin Cahill) to try and stop the villainous man. So now we have our standard “Resident Evil” plot. And using the word “standard” doesn’t have to be a bad thing, because every “Indiana Jones” movie follows the same formula (and you know it), and people (mostly) love them). Same with “Resident Evil”, you can usually guess the story beats of each one, and that’s fine because they always find some way to hold onto you. And while the plot here isn’t bad, I just found that it didn’t really grab me. I was entertained, and thanks to the short runtime the pacing never let up more than it needed. But this plot overall just went by, never really grabbing me along. It’s just… fine.

The characters here, while not as great as in the last animated “Resident Evil” flick, are still interesting and pretty entertaining. Chris Redfield here is still the tough, determined, meathead that he’s always been. And while it’s weird not hearing Roger Craig Smith doing the voice, I do think Kevin Dorman does a good job in the role. Leon Kennedy in this is still the badass motherfucker that we know him as, with some of that cocky attitude still intact. Sure, they play him a bit more serious in this than in the last two movies, but he’s still entertaining as a character. And Matthew Mercer is of course once again great in the role. Rebecca Chambers is a character that we haven’t seen since 2002’s “Resident Evil: Zero”. And in this, instead of being a member of the STARS team, she’s a scientist. And she’s pretty cool, even though she doesn’t get to do a lot of cool stuff. And Erin Cahill is really good in the role. And the villain of the movie, Glenn Arias, they try to make sympathetic in a way that I won’t spoil here. And while I kind of understand his reasoning for doing what he does, as a villain he was just fine. John DeMita was good in the role though. So overall it’s a well acted movie (even if the dialog is often… not great).

The score for the movie was composed by Kenji Kawai and I think he did a great job with it. His score is cool, tense, and badass, often elevating scenes that wouldn’t have been as great without the music. And overall the score is just great, making for some good ear candy (the end credits song being a standout).

“Resident Evil: Vendetta” was directed by Takanori Tsujimoto and I think he did a solid job. Sure, he doesn’t build a lot of suspense with his directing, but he still brings a lot of flair and energy to it. Which also brings me to the animation and holy shit, this animation looks awesome! It’s detailed, fluid, and just looks all kinds of great. Especially in the facial animations which look terrific. And the action scenes too, while not subtle in the slightest (in fact they’re loud and kind of ridiculous), look awesome. They’re so much fun and just brought a big, dumb smile to my face. And is this movie scary? Fuck no.

This movie came out very recently and is very niche, so it doesn’t have a lot of scores on the sites I usually go to. Sure it exists on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, but it has no score on either site. And if scores are added to the sites, then I won’t edit this post. But on it has a score of 6,3/10.

“Resident Evil: Vendetta” is a dumb action-thriller for fans of the games and animated features, and as one of those people I thought this movie was really fun. It has an okay plot, good characters, great performances, great music, great directing, and great animation. My only flaw with the movie is that the plot didn’t really grab me in any way. Time for my final score. *Zombie moan*. My final score for “Resident Evil: Vendetta” is an 8,99/10. So while it’s flawed, I’d definitely say that it’s worth buying!

My review of “Resident Evil: Vendetta” is now completed.

Good to finally see Chris in one of these. I love Leon, but it’s nice to get good ol’ Redfield in a movie.

Movies I’m looking forward to in 2017

Hi there guys, and welcome to this little post of mine. New year, new movies! I know that we’re a bit over a week into the new year, but I can justify this post by saying that no movies I’m looking forward to have come out yet. So this list still works. Ha!

Rule #1: My list, not yours, so no bitching allowed. We’ve gone through this time and time again, so it should be burnt into your god damn heads by now. Cool? Cool.

Rule #2: This will not be a ranked list of my most anticipated movies of the year. There are so many movies I’m looking forward to this year that it will be impossible for me to rank them. I’m just listing the ones that I’m looking forward to, nothing else.

Rule #3: I am not including any of the movies that were limited in 2016 and got full releases in early 2017. I’m just not going to, including them would be cheating.

I only have one honorable mention for this, and that is “The Dark Tower”. I am a big fan of the book series, and I am cautiously optimistic about the film adaptation set to be released later this year. But we haven’t seen any footage yet, so it’s impossible for me to be genuinely excited about it.

With that out of the way, here are my most anticipated movies of 2017.

Justice League Dark.

Kicking off this list is an upcoming DC animated, direct-to-video feature about Batman (Jason O’Mara) gathering up some mystic/supernatural heroes to stop an overwhelming supernatural threat. These animated movies can be very hit-or-miss for many, but I am always looking forward to them. It’ll be nice seeing the DC animation team tackel the more supernatural side of the DC universe. Also, Matt Ryan came back to voice John Constantine… and that makes me all kinds of happy.


Here we have possibly my most anticipated movie of the year. The trailer is great, and we already know that Hugh Jackman is fantastic as Wolverine. And James Mangold has proven himself as a very capable director, so I am sure that this will be a great film. I just know that I will cry in the cinema when I go see this. If not for a well made/sad scene, then at least because I know that this will be the last time I’ll see Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in their iconic “X-Men” roles.

War for the Planet of the Apes.

I am a big fan of the last two “Planet of the Apes” movies, I thought they both brought a lot to the franchise. “Rise” was great, and then “Dawn” came out and turned out to be even better. Matt Reeves did such a fantastic job with that movie that I have no real worries for this new one.

Justice League.

The DCEU hasn’t faired the best in terms of critical reception. As for my opinions: I thought “Man of Steel” was really good, I thought “Batman v Superman” was okay, and I haven’t seen “Suicide Squad” yet. Now, despite the mixed reception of these movies, I am still looking forward to this movie. I am a little bit reserved, but it still seems like it could be a somewhat entertaining action movie. Plus, you can’t deny the excitement of seeing all these characters come together on the big screen for the first time.

John Wick: Chapter 2.

The first “John Wick” was such a big surprise. It was a fantastic action movie that just came out of fucking nowhere. It also featured the best performance we’ve ever seen from Keanu Reeves. So I am super excited for the sequel, which we’re not gonna have to wait too long for. Also, I am really excited about seeing Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne reuniting… I just love “The Matrix”, okay.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

The first “Guardians of the Galaxy” was a pretty big surprise in terms of both quality and profits. Not only did it make a shit-ton of money, but it also became my favorite MCU movie. It had everything I needed: Action, humor, interesting characters… space. So I am of course incredibly excited about this sequel which looks prettty great.

Baby Driver.
This movie has no trailer yet, but I am still very excited about it. Why? Firstly, the cast is pretty great. And secondly, it’s written and directed by Edgar Wright. Yeah, this is some exciting stuff.

Star Wars Episode 8.

No title, no trailer, no nothin’. But it’s motherfucking “Star Wars”, so of course I’m excited. “Star Wars”!

Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Spidey’s (Tom Holland) appearance in “Captain America: Civil War” was one of my favorite things in any movie of 2016. Which of course made interested in seeing this version of the character in his own movie. Then a whole bunch of months later the first trailer for “Spider-Man: Homecoming” drops and yeah, I’m on board. If anything, it looks fun. And Michael Keaton seems like he will make a pretty intimidating Vulture. Yeah, this is pretty exciting.

Wonder Woman.

Another DCEU movie coming to us this year, and it looks really interesting. Even though the character of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) felt very shoehorned into “Batman v Superman”, she was very entertaining (her entrance into the final battle being a standout moment). So I am interested to see what she’ll do in ehr very own movie, set during World War 1, and getting acquainted with the only Chris that Marvel hadn’t already snagged yet. I’m at least hoping for some badass action scenes featuring this badass woman.

Kong: Skull Island.

I am a fan of monster movies. I am also one of the few people that legitimately liked 2014’s “Godzilla”. So I was already excited for another “King Kong” movie. Then this trailer came out and it was pretty cool. Also, Tom Hiddleston looks a lot like Leon Kennedy from “Resident Evil 4” in this trailer. Long story short, I want to see a giant gorilla wreck some shit!

The Fate of the Furious.

Wait, this stupid franchise actually became good!? Yeah, it kind of did. “Fast Five” was great, “Fast & Furious 6” was good, and “Furious 7” was really good. Yeah, I’m as surprised as you are. From “Point Break” with cars to really big, loud, and stupid action fests that actually entertained me and also somehow gave a touching send-off to one of it’s primary castmates… Yeah, this franchise is full of surprises. And this movie looks just as stupid and fun as the last few.

Alien: Covenant.

I love “Alien”. I think I love “Aliens”. Three and four we don’t talk about. We also don’t talk about the “AvP” movies. And I liked “Prometheus”. And this movie looks like it can get tesne and scary… like “Alien”. There’s not much else to say… I’m excited.

Resident Evil: Vendetta.

No, not the stupid fucking live action bullshit. This is the third part in the animated “Resident Evil” movie franchise. I actually reviewed the previous two movies if you wanna know my thoughts on them, you just have to search “Resident Evil” to find them (#ShamelessPlug). But long story short, they are enjoyable and I am really excited for this third installment which looks stupid and really fun.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle.
The first “Kingsman” was a giant surprise. It was a January movie that actually turned out to be great… yeah, who would have thought. It was a terrific action movie that also kind of parodied the spy genre without actually mocking it. And with the director and star of that movie returning for the sequel… yeah, I am really excited.


“What?”, I hear you asking. “Mute” is an upcoming Netflix original science fiction movie directed by Duncan Jones. You know, the very talented director that made “Moon”, “Source Code”, and “Warcraft” who also happens to be the son of David Bowie. The movie will star Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd (pictured above with a glorious mustache), and Justin Theroux. I am a big fan of Jones’ previous movies, so this is a no-brainer for me to put on this list. Also, my love for science fiction is a factor in my excitement. Duncan Jones has stated that this is set in the same universe/timeline as “Moon”, so I am interested in seeing how the two movies tie together.

The Shape of Water.

This, my friends, is an upcoming fantasy movie by Guillermo Del Toro… and that’s really all I need. I am always excited about new Guillermo Del Toro movies. Sure, “Crimson Peak” wasn’t the best, but it was still not bad. I’ve enjoyed every Del Toro movie I’ve seen, so I am excited for this movie, especially since it has such a great cast.

Blade Runner 2049.

I was incredibly skeptical about this movie for the longest time. Sure, it had a terrific cast and a fantastic director, but a sequel to “Blade Runner”, released over 30 years later? Come on… no. Then this trailer came out and I am on board. It shows just hte right amount of stuff. It sets up the tone, it sets up some mystery and intrigue… it’s perfect. Yeah, I’m on board.

The Commuter.
The only reason why this is on the list is because it’s another action-thriller from director Jaume Collet-Serra and actor Liam Neeson. That’s it. I am a fan of their previous three movies, so I am just excited for this. I don’t expect a mindblowing thriller, just an entertaining action-thriller.


It’s a war movie directed by Christopher Nolan… how the fuck could you not be excited?

So those were a whole bunch of movies I’m excited for this year. What are you guys excited for? Leave any and all answers in the comments!
Have a good one!

Movie Review: Resident Evil: Damnation (2012)


Guys… it’s another Month of Spooks review. And it also happens to be for a sequel to the first movie I reviewed for the Month of Spooks this year… holy shit. So let’s just get into it!

Ladies and gentlemen… “Resident Evil: Damnation”.

Leon Kennedy (Matthew Mercer) is back. But this time he has traveled to an eastern European country to try to destroy a bunch of biological weapons being used over there. While there he meets with resistance fighters Buddy (Dave Wittenberg) and JD (Val Tasso), two men who may not trust Leon, but still more or less works with him to stop the bad shit. And that is a pretty basic plot that still holds up thanks to some interesting little nuances throughout combined with really good pacing. Sure, this isn’t some Oscar worthy storytelling by any means, but it still really works as an interesting and entertaining plot with good pacing.

The characters in the movie are all pretty interesting. Leon of course, being a main character since “Resident Evil 2” is of course as great as ever, even if he has some cheesy lines. But Matthew Mercer delivers them so well that I simply enjoy hearing the lines. But I’m also a “Resi” fan, so I expect there to be cheesy writing that gives me a dumb smile. But Matthew Mercer is genuinely great in the role, as the cool and experienced agent. Dave Wittenberg and Val Tasso are really good in the movie as their respective characters (Buddy and JD), even if their Slavic accents fluctuate in quality a bit. We also got Courtenay Taylor as legendary “Resi” character Ada Wong and she is great in the role… not much to say about that really. The actors in the movie do very well.

The music in the movie was composed by Rei Kondoh and Shusaku Uchiyama and I think that it was really good. It wasn’t really groundbreaking in any sense, but it fit the movie very well and made a lot of scenes even more exciting. And the end credits song “Carry On” by Anna Tsuchiya was pretty good as well. So this movie had some good music!

Since this movie is animated (like the previous one), I guess I should talk about the animation. So how is it? Pretty fucking great. The animation has increased in quality significantly since “Degeneration”. Facial movements are less stiff and look pretty great. And the hair on the characters looks fantastic. Body movement has also increased in quality, now flowing much more organically. The action scenes look terrific, and are very exciting. I’ll also mention that if you enjoy blood and gore in movies, then I think you’ll appreciate this one… because we get that stuff in here.

It’s difficult to see how this movie has been received because it barely exists on the sites I use for this section. But at least it exists on with a score of 6,5/10.

“Resident Evil: Damnation” is one of those rare sequels that somehow surpasses it’s predecessor. With an interesting story, good characters, really good acting, really good music, fantastic animation, great action, and great pacing. Time for my final score. *Cough*. My final score for “Resident Evil: Damnation” is a 9,77/10. So it of course gets the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”.

My review of “Resident Evil: Damnation” is now completed.

Let’s hope next year’s “Resident Evil: Vendetta” turns out to be as good…

Movie Review: Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008)


Hello there, ladies and gentlemen… and welcome to the first official post for the Month of Spooks! I know that it’s October 2nd today, but I’m at least starting way earlier than I did last year when I half-assed everything. Anyway, this is the first of *insert amount* posts that will be released by me and some of the poor souls who decided to take part in this. So far, there are three people involved. And if you feel left out, don’t worry, since it’s so early in the month you can still enter by messaging me on twitter and then we’ll talk about it. Anyway, done with that clumsy intro… let’s get into the review.

Ladies and gentlemen… “Resident Evil: Degeneration”.

Set between the events of “Resident Evil 4” and “Resident Evil 5”, this movie tells the story of returning characters Leon S. Kennedy (Paul Mercier) and Claire Redfield (Alyson Court) as they after a zombie outbreak at an airport have to stop an angry man looking for revenge from causing a lot of destruction and death. And that’s basically all I can say there without getting into spoilers. With that said, this is a pretty interesting plot. Sure, it is relatively predictable, especially if you’re a “Resident Evil” fan (like I am), but it’s not bad. I enjoyed seeing where the plot went throughout the movie. The only real problem I have with it is that towards the middle of the movie it slowed down and slightly ruined the pacing. I felt like the movie came to a halt. Luckily it picked up again a few minutes later, but I still felt that slower bit. So overall the plot is pretty good, with that slower stuff near the middle.

The characters in the movie are all fitting pretty snugly into their respective roles. Leon Kennedy has always been a capable guy, and it still shows here. First time we saw him he was a police officer, first day on the job. Second time, he was a bit more cocky and confident. And here we have someone who is a lot more calm, hardened, and overall cool. Paul Mercier who voiced him in “Resident Evil 4” (AKA the best one) returned to do the voice in this movie and he is great in the role. His vocal performance is really good and fits the character perfectly. Alyson Court as Claire was really good, playing this character who knows what she’s doing, but isn’t perfect in every way. And then we also get a lot of other supporting voice performances from various veteran voice actors. And they all do a good job.

The original score for the movie was composed by Tetsuya Takahashi and it is pretty good. It’s not something that will stick out in my mind long after the movie is done, but it’s also not bad. It’s an orchestral score that works for the various scenes in the movie to help elevate the scenes to a minor extent.

Seeing as this is an animated feature, we have to talk about the animation. And it is really good. Sure, there are stiff character movements and facial expressions throughout. But for a 100% CG movie that aims for a more realistic feel, it looks great. Not as great as a movie like “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children”, but still really good. I mean, when I was watching the movie I didn’t go “Yeah, that looks like shit”. The animation is really good, if a bit stiff at times. That said, the action in the movie looks great, I was really entertained by it. Especially towards the second half, where the movie goes full-on “Resi-Cheese”. Also, it’s not really scary, but it’s at least decently tense at a few points.

It’s difficult to find what people think about this movie, since it barely exists on the movie sites I usually utilize. Oh well, at least imdb properly has it. On that site it has a score of 6,6/10.

“Resident Evil: Degeneration” is a pretty interesting movie. It has a pretty interesting plot (with a slow part near the middle), good characters, good voice acting, good music, and really good animation. So now it’s time for my final score. *Zombie moan*. My final score for “Resident Evil: Degeneration” is an 8,99/10. I’d say that it’s worth buying.
Worth buying

My review of “Resident Evil: Degeneration” is now completed.

You’re probably gonna get more enjoyment out of this if you’re a fan of the games. But if you’re just a normal person looking for a good movie… yeah, you might get some entertainment here. Also… let the Month of Spooks officially commence!


“Resident Evil: Vendetta” trailer

Hello there, ladies and gents of the internet, I hope you are all doing well. Another trailer recently came out, which means that I got something to talk about. So let’s go!

So we now have a trailer for “Resident Evil: Vendetta”, an animated tie-in to the beloved horror game franchise. To be clear, this has nothing to do with the live action movies (blech). This movie is like I said, more of a tiein to the games. And it’s also not the first one. There were actually two that came before it, subtitled “Degeneration” and “Damnation”. If you’re a fan of the games then I think you might enjoy ’em. And if you’re a fan of animated action-thrillers, then I suggest checking them out too because they are actually pretty good if you’re just looking for a good time. Anyway, now that we’re done with the past stuff… let’s get into this main thing itself. So it looks like “Vendetta” will feature at least two stories throughout. First off it is obvious that we like in the previous two animations will follow Leon Scott Kennedy, with Matthew Mercer confirmed to reprise his role as Kennedy. Then we also apparently get to follow Chris Redfield (No voice confirmed) and his team as they go into what looks like the Spencer mansion from the first game to investigate stuff. And that’s about all I could gather from the trailer. No official plot synopsis has been released online which means that we can’t figure shit out. But I will still say that I am pretty excited about this movie, since I am a fan of the games and the first two animated movies. Plus, it’s fun to have both Leon and Chris featured in the movie, since only one has been featured in the previous animations. While no specific date has been set, it has been confirmed that the movie will be out in Spring of 2017.

So what are your thoughts? Are you excited about “Resident Evil: Vendetta”? And are you a fan of the previous animations/games? Leave any and all thoughts in the comments!
Have a good one and enjoy the trailer!

“Resident Evil 7” Gameplay Trailer

Hi guys, it’s me again. About a month ago I posted about a bunch of trailers that came out of E3 this year. First off, huge thank you to anyone who liked and commented on those posts, I really appreciate the support. Anyway, enough with the mushy stuff, back to the point. Now, one of the trailers I posted was the announcement trailer for “Resident Evil 7”. And in that post I said that the trailer didn’t really look like “Resident Evil”… so does this gameplay trailer fix that? Let’s check it out.

So in this we seem to follow a young woman from the first person perspective. And she leaves some kind of recorded message (or phone call) to someone named Ethan. And then we see her trying to sneak through some dark, abandoned place, trying to survive the psychotic, possibly possessed woman prowling the area. Okay, let’s talk about the positives of this thing first (because people like happy stuff). This looks genuinely scary, something that “Resident Evil” hasn’t really been since a few parts of “Resident Evil 4″… which came out in 2005. So that is cool. Also, the graphics look absolutely stunning and the sound design sounds pretty good despite only being a short preview of the game. Okay, now for the negatives, *sigh*… this does not look like “Resident Evil”. It’s the same problem as that initial announcement trailer from E3. I get that Crapcom wants to go in a new direction, but come on… give us something that makes it feel like it’s actually tied to the “Resi” franchise. I’m not asking for those huge, ridiculous action bits from “Resident Evil 6”, but at least something that ties it in to the actual franchise other than the name. Yes, this looks interesting and I would want to play it… even though it’s not “Resident Evil”.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited for this new “Resident Evil” game? And do you think that Crapcom are moving in the right direction with the series? Leave any and all answers in the comments.
Have a good one and enjoy the trailer.

“Resident Evil 7” E3 trailer

Hello guys, here I am again with my covering of E3 stuff that interest me. So… let’s ee what we have here!

After four years we have finally gotten an announcement trailer for “Resident Evil 7”. And from the looks of it, this game might actually be scary. You know, compared to the last few games and those shitty Hollywood movies and I’m gonna move on. I am a fan of this franchise, having played most of them (At least main series, never got into spin-offs really) and enjoyed them in some way. Sure, numbers 5 and 6 weren’t that great, but I still kind of enjoyed them. My personal favorite though has always been “Resident Evil 4”, it’s a perfect balance of both action, creepiness, tension and reinvigoration. And like I said, the last few weren’t that great, but I still always look forward to a new game to see what they’ll do with it. And with this one it seems like it will go back more to the survival horror style of the original game and it’s Gamecube remake. Sure, the trailer doesn’t really tell us anything about the game itself other than “look forward to some creeps, people”. Here’s the interesting thing though: If I didn’t already know that this was the “Resident Evil 7” trailer, I would’ve almost mistaken it for a new “Silent Hill” or possibly “The Evil Within 2” (The latter of which I really wanted to see at this year’s E3). But yeah, this looks really interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

So what are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to this new “Resi” installment? Are you fans of any of the previous games? Leave any and all thoughts in the comments.
Have a good one and enjoy the trailer!

My Top 15 Musical Tracks from Video games

Wut wut

Hey there, my friends! I am back with another “Top Whatever” list. This time I am stepping away from movies a little. Not forever, just for this little list. Not only do I watch movies and TV, but I also play video games. And when you play video games you might sometimes encounter some great musical tracks every now and then. And that is what we are taking a look at today. Now before we officially begin we have to set up some rules.

Rule 1: Like I mentioned in my previous list, this is my list based on my opinion, so no bitching. If there is a musical track you want to share with me, please do so, I would like to see what you think.

Rule 2: Only one musical track per video game franchise. I know that might sound awfully picky, but that is how we are doing it.

Rule 3: Only tracks that were made for that game. We are not using licensed tracks in this list. Even though some video games integrated licensed tracks perfectly, those tracks are not good for this list.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s go!

Number 15: Murder in the Station – The Darkness 2 (2012)

A track from the excellent first person shooter game “The Darkness 2”. This track accompanies a part of the game where you as Jackie Estacado (voiced by the awesome Brian Bloom) go through a train station, killing a bunch of thugs who were sent after you to well… kill you. While this track might be generic to some people, I still think it is great.

Number 14: Overture – Red Faction: Armageddon (2011)

This track acts as sort of the main theme song of the game. If you didn’t know, “Red Faction: Armageddon” is a sort of sequel to the epic 2009 game “Red Faction: Guerrilla”. This track is dark, cold and builds up to a great conclusion. I have listened to it a ton of times and I think it is great.

Number 13: Suicide Mission – Mass Effect 2 (2010)

Now we throw in an epic orchestral piece into the mix from a great game. “Mass Effect 2” is the sequel to the critically acclaimed sci-fi RPG by Canadian developer Bioware. In this game you are putting together a team of different species and personalities to take on “The Collectors” who kidnap human colonies. And this song (mild spoiler) is played during a part of the final mission, hence the name “Suicide Mission”. This track is big, it’s epic and it got some great build up! Such a great track! Then why is it so low as 13? I just prefer the following musical tracks more than this one.

Number 12: Save theme – Resident Evil 4 (2005)

My god, I love this game so much! I am generally not a guy who loves horror games/movies/shows so much, but hot damn is this awesome! It feels like a mix of B-movie horror with B-movie action but is produced like an A-movie. I know that doesn’t make sense, but that is just how it is. This track is the song you hear when you go to a typewriter and save the game. It is a song that both makes you feel safe but also feel like there is something scary around the next corner. The track is soothing, the track is creepy, the track is great.

Number 11: Battle Theme – Final Fantasy X (2001)

Going back to the realm of RPG’s with this track from the excellent “Final Fantasy X”. I love this game. It got a great (if somewhat cheesy) story, great characters, good gameplay and of course… great music. Once again Nobuo Uematsu composed the music for a “Final Fantasy” game and once again he delivered. This track is the one you hear pretty much everytime you go into battle with regular enemies (bosses have different tunes). This track gets you pumped for the battle and makes you feel like you can take on everything! And if I ever decide to start working out in one way or another then this song will proably be part of the playlist. If it goes on for too long it might get a little repetitive, but overall it is great.

Number 10: Main theme song – Donkey Kong Country (1994)

This song is so awesome! If any person who loves video games hears this song, they automatically know where it’s from and what to do… go get bananas and start jumping on crocodiles! Wait, no… that’s a bad idea. But you get my point. This song is as the title describes it; the main theme song for “Donkey Kong Country” which came out for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). I have listened to this song so many times and every time I hear it I want to go on a big adventure, the song gives off that feeling in my opinion. I also love the game, it is awesome.

Number 9: Dr. Wily’s Castle – Megaman 2 (1988)

The “Megaman” franchise is known for being difficult. “Megaman 2” is no exception. But when you hear this awesome song during the final level of the game you don’t care, you just feel invincible and you also feel like nothing can stop you except for spikes and pitfalls. My point is, this track is badass. It also sounds like it is a rock n roll track but can’t get that sound per se because of the limitations of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). But those limiations don’t matter when the song is awesome in 8-bit! This song is so good at getting me pumped and I absolutely love that!

Number 8: Mystic Cave Zone – Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)

Staying in the realm of old games for a little more we have this fucking awesome song from the game “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”. While I haven’t played the game on an old cartridge, I have played it on the PS2 thing “Sonic Mega Collection Plus” which featured a whole bunch of old Sonic games. And when I decided to play “Sonic 2” one day I got to the stage “Mystic Cave Zone” after much struggle and was greeted with this awesome song. My biggest problem was that I didn’t want to continue because that would end the song, and that would be sad because it is so bouncy and uplifting and just amazing! It is one of those songs you expect to hear in an old platformer and when you do get it you fall in love with it. I know I did at least. Because this song is awesome.

Number 7: Taste the Blood – Devil May Cry 3 (2005)

Whoo boy… this game is difficult. When you feel like you want to give up during the combat of this game you don’t. You know why? Because this badass song keeps you pumped and makes sure you don’t give up! A line in the song even says “To take me out you must FIGHT LIKE A MAN” which basically taunts you into fighting like a badass. This track is what kept me going when I got frustrated in the game. Then halfway through they switched to a different song, not a bad one, but it isn’t “Taste the Blood”. “Taste the Blood” is awesome.

Number 6: Main theme song – Max Payne 3 (2012)

I could just as easily have gone with any of the “Max Payne” theme songs (because they are all the same song). But I went specifically with this version because it is the one I think is the best and most depressing one. This version really makes you feel how far Max has decayed as a person with his booze and pills. You really feel how heavy life is for Max when you listen to this song and you just want to reach in there and save the guy. But then you remember that if you do you will not be able to do the cool “bullet time” moves Max does in the game. But this track is a way to show that video games aren’t all happy and bouncy and for kids. Want to prove someone wrong about that stuff? Play this track. It is possibly the heaviest track I have ever heard. And that is why I love it!

Number 5: Main theme song – Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001)

Getting down to the big boys here! Here comes the main theme tune from the video game sequel that did everything better than the first game. This game improves on so much. But that is not why we are here, we are here for the music! To be honest I almost went with the track “Yell Dead Cell” from the game but then decided “Fuck it, main theme it is!” because it is frankly amazing. Composed by acclaimed composer Harry Gregson-Williams this song really embraces the whole badass spy espionage action thing. When you hear this you basically just want to go out, sneak in somewhere and do some cool spy stuff. But then you remember that is illegal and you go back playing some “Metal Gear Solid 2”. This song is awesome and the game is too.

Number 4: Ransacked – Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014)

Woaw, a game from last year! And it is a shooter with super nazis and a badass soundtrack… sing me up! This track from this badass game is a great way to get me like “Ho-ly shit, this is awesome!”. The soundtrack was already really good with a lot of the metal they used in the soundtrack, but then they add this little guitar tune at one of the most epic parts of the game. When I got to that part I thought “Oh crap, what’s gonna happen now” but then lost that trail of thought when I heard the guitar from this song come one and then switch to the Rock n Roll bit of it. And the Rock n Roll parts of this songs are probably my favorite parts of the song and makes me feel all badass on the inside and makes the situation in the game so much more dire and haunting. This track is awesome!

Number 3: Ezio’s Family – Assassin’s Creed 2 (2009)

I could just as easily put the entire “Assassin’s Creed 2” soundtrack here because of how great it is. But I chose to go with the song that I guess could count as the main theme song of the game. Danish composer Jesper Kyd did an excellent job composing the soundtrack for this game and I absolutely adored it! It fits the 15th century setting perfectly and it fits the amazing story just as well. I don’t know what to say more really. One thing I do like about it is how he used a good mix of guitar and other stringed intruments in this track. It worked out perfectly and that is kind of why he is one of my favorite composers.

Number 2: Born unto Trouble – Red Dead Redemption (2010)

You guys knew I wouldn’t make this list without at least talking about westerns once. This song perfectly captures the western feel so well! Perfect also how it comes from a western game that turned out to be one of my favorite games of all time. With a fantastic story, interesting characters and a soundtrack to rival Ennio Morricone (THERE, I said it!). The reason I chose this song is because of how it both captures the western feel so well and give you a sense of relaxation. It also gives a sense of realism and darkness, kind of like the movie “Unforgiven”. Bill Elm & Woody Jackson did a great job with this song and the soundtrack in general. I love them.

Number 1: Dearly Beloved – Kingdom Hearts 2 (2005)

Like with “Max Payne”, this song is featured in every installment of this franchise but I choose this version because… just listen to it! It’s fucking beautiful! The piano, the subtle strings, the subtle woodwind intruments… I love it so much! It is also perfect how this franchise happens to be my favorite video game franchise of all time. I adore it so much and the music is one of the reason why. And that is why I chose this track above all others! It is simply beautiful.

Now the list is over! Thanks for reading, hope you had a good time and I’ll see you next time! Oh wait, what are some of your favorite video game musical tracks? Leave a comment! I would like to hear from you!

See ya!