The problems of “Black Friday”


Hello guys, it’s me again. I am here right now to talk to you about something that I’ve been thinking about for a short while. That thing (if you did not read the title) is Black Friday. For those of you who somehow don’t know, Black Friday is the one day every year that occurs on the friday after thanksgiving where stores have some of the biggest sales ever… and people go fucking nuts over it. And I am here to air some of my thoughts on the matter and why it is a bit of a problematic matter. So here we go!

First off, have you seen some of the lines outside of stores on Black Friday? Seriously, Jesus tapdancing Christ they are enormous. I’m pretty sure there have been a lot of times when they’ve gone on for at least one or two blocks. Those types of lines tend to be clear signs of some weird kind of obsession.

But when the doors open, that’s when shit’s gettin’ real crazy. People storm in with no regard to the other people or the employees around. It’s like their lives depend on it… which is not the case. Everything turns into a big fucking mess of people, cheap wares, sweat, loud noises and pain. So while your life doesn’t depend on you getting in before everyone else to get that 60 inch, curved, 4k television… your life does depend on you staying the hell away.

That’s right, if you stay away from it all you might survive. There have been a good amount of injuries and even a few deaths around Black Friday. I’ll link a site that shows the death/injury count from Black Friday since 2006. And even then I think that there might’ve been more injuries than it says.

A lot of people use Black Friday as a way to buy christmas presents at a pretty early time. And I have to admit, that is a pretty good cause but since most people are only driven bytheir greed for cheap prices, the christmas present plans usually go to hell because you see a lot of cheap crap that you don’t need. Sure, some people actually go to get something specific or at least a specific type of object. Maybe they saw some cheap waffle iron when they checked the internet and then thought “Well… I do need a new waffle iron” and that is fine, that’s a plan. Or you could be like John Flickster (AKA “The Flick Pick”) who goes looking for good deals on movies. Not specific movies, only movies in general. Where am I trying to go with this? People buy anything because it’s cheap and when they simply see something and want it because of a damn fine price, I have a hard time condoning that since they’re driven by greed. If you have more of a plan and try to be careful, then I might understand it and I can even support that. Don’t become one of the greedy psychos, stay normal and planning.

Then we have probably one of the biggest problems with this entire thing: the fact that more and more parts of the world are trying to integrate Black Friday into their respective societies. And while I can see the pretty clever idea behind it, it will most likely just get fucked like in the U.S. and people will get injured or even killed in relation to the entire damn thing. I mean, I recently started noticing how it’s becoming more and more popular here in Sweden and from that I can only gather how terribly it will end up if it goes up in popularity as much as it does. I am honestly scared of what might happen if Black Friday becomes as big as it’s looking like it might become.

Consumerism is something that’s taken over a little bit much in our world if you ask me. Yes, things are nice and buying stuff is sometimes fun… but it’s really becoming a bigger problem as it goes on. This is what I appreciate about “Fight Club” and “They Live”, those movies understand how much consumerism is consuming us and our entire lifestyles. Those movies have helped me understand it even better than I already did. Yes, they kind of make it all a bit bigger than it might seem, but at the same time the movies have a big fucking point when it comes to it all. Don’t let it all consume you, try to resist.

Look, to some of you I might sounds like a rambling idiot, but I felt like I just had to get my thoughts out. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine, Mr. Company man.
Have a good one.

Bad luck follows me like a stray dog… a stray dog that I adopt.

Surprise, people! I am back, before I should be back. Let me explain!

The other day I made a post where I told you that I would be in Rome for a couple of days and couldn’t make any posts here. Well as it turns out the flight I was gonna take was cancelled… TWICE! The first time it was cancelled and we found out we could take a plane the day later, I said “Fair enough!”. So we got to stay at a hotel right next to the airport for the night. Then late in the evening we found out (Sidenote: We as in my class, found out from the teachers who were with us) that the plane we were gonna take early in the morning was already cancelled too. So we basically said “FUCK IT!” and decided to simply spend the night at the hotel like planned but then go home the next morning. And so it went. I can also mention that the same evening we found out the second plane was cancelled we decided to go to the sushi bar they had at the airport to eat dinner, but it had just closed up (*SIGH*). Of course we got food that same evening at a burger joint they got at the airport.  But it seems like one domino fell right after the other. I can however say that I had one hell of a good time because of my classmates being fucking awesome! Now I will talk about some fun shit!

Since we couldn’t travel to Rome on thursday we had to spend the day in a decent way, but how? We traveled to Gothenburg (Sidenote: Yes, the one in Sweden and not the one in Nebraska) and spent the day there with a nice lunch at “Jensens Böfhaus” (Sidenote: It is basically a steakhouse) and walked around in different stores while also talking, laughing and even sometimes singing. Also, back at the hotel during the evening we played a round of “Cards Against Humanity” (Sidenote: My friend brought along his cards so we could play) and laughed our asses off. We were all happy and throughout I felt like we all got a lot closer. There is always a stream of light in the darkness I guess.

So overall I think the trip/journey was great even though it went as far from the original plan as it could. But the teachers said we might get to do this trip on a later date, they’re just not sure when. Talking about all of this just made me feel a lot lighter.

Thanks for reading, have a good one!