Meetings and sucking at Halo

WHADDUP!? Okay that was bad and I am sorry for it. I really am.

Not muc hhave happened recently. Like I said I had a friend over from friday the 28th february to saturday the 1st march. We played some video games. Mostly Halo, Final Fantasy and The Darkness 2. We both kinda sucked at Halo…but I sucked more since weird controls. Damn you Halo: ODST controls!!! I also got him to watch Star Trek (2009). He liked it, a lot actually. But so do I so…yeah.

I was at a meeting this wednesday. It was the important annual meeting at the scouts. We talk about a lot of different shit and eat stuff. We talked about a bunch of shit and came to some conclusions. Done.

Watched and finished the anime “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day” the weekend that just were. It was a beautiful series. Go watch it, it is only 11 episodes so it’s not gonna take that long.

Random facts:

I laughed during 99% of “Sharknado”.

I love shows/movies with mechs.

I am a big animal lover…except for snakes.


See ya later! 

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