My Favorite Scenes: Jurassic Park – T-Rex vs. Raptors

My friends, once again it is time for “My Favorite Scenes” which if you still don’t get it is the sort of “series” I got on my blog where I share scenes I really like from movies/TV. And this time we are having a look at the climax of the Steven Spielberg classic “Jurassic Park” (Sidenote: Yes, this is to commemorate the release of “Jurassic World”). And in this scene we see our heroes (Sam Neill, Laura Dern and the two kids) running from some raptors. And if you for whatever reason have not seen “Jurassic Park” yet you should go away. Also, if you have not seen “Jurassic Park” yet I will hurt you. I’ll give you three seconds. Three, two, one, no more seconds! But as they’re getting chased they get to the foyer of the park and it seems like they are surrounded, no where to go. But then their savior comes in the surprsining form of the Tyrannosaurus Rex that tried to yum yum them earlier. This scene is so classic because it is just an awesomely amazing way to end a movie. And there are two shots in this scene that I just aboslutely love. The first one is when the T-Rex throws the last raptor into the giant skeleton, mainly because it looked kinda cool. The second one is when the T-Rex simply stands there and gives us a victory roar and that is because it feels so classic and timeless and because it is just fucking epic! Now with all this bullshit said…

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